April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett!!!

When I met Brett, he was 28, and remember thinking that was so young! But, I think that he's trying to catch up to me. Even though he didn't really want to, he's had 2 birthdays since I met him, and I've only had one. He's aging twice as fast as I am....so he's bound to pass me up here real soon. :)

Earlier this year, I wasn't sure if I was going to be in SB yet for his 30th....but as you all know, I am here, and was SO happy that I am, and able to celebrate Brett's 30th birthday with him!! He didn't really want Thursday to happen, he didn't want to turn 30, but I think that we made it as painless as possible for him.

I sang him Happy Birthday at midnight as we were looking through old pictures on his computer Wednesday night. Thursday activities started out as Brett, Kyle, Bethany and I went to see if we could spot some whales at Butterfly Beach, before grabbing lunch at Esau's Cafe.

We played some much needed Rock Band, before splitting up for the afternoon. I ran home to get ready, and then headed over to DJ's to get things ready for the rest of the day. Brett had thought that for the evening, we'd be going to hang out with his friends at Natural Cafe for a birthday dinner. But....I had another plan up my sleeve. A few weeks earlier, I'd sent out a message to everyone with the secret surprise plans that we were actually going to do to celebrate.

I setup DJ's place with the extremely helpful hands of Emily, Amy, Laura, Vanessa, Bethany, and so many others!! I honestly couldn't have pulled it off without everyone's help!! I left to go get Brett, and told him that we had to make a stop before we went to dinner. I told him that I had one more present for him that I couldn't wrap, and I had to hide it there. He actually bought that part. When we pulled up, I didn't want him to see the cars, so I asked him to be blindfolded. Well, Brett wasn't a big fan of that, so instead I asked him to close his eyes and not peek. He agreed as he didn't want to spoil the surprise.

When we walked in the door, I told him to open his eyes.....and that is when everyone yelled "SURPRISE!!", and started to sing Happy Birthday!! Right then he said "I knew it!!". He explained that he had a hunch that I had something up my sleeve....but it wasn't until he walked in the door with his eyes closed that he thought "Hmmm....I have a feeling that there are people staring at me.". BUT...it was a great surprise, and a fun party!!

We ate all sorts of goodies, hung out, and then we played a few games. The first involved trying to guess who you were. I had written names of people, things, or events that were all related to April 30th, and we put them on your back. You ask yes/no questions to guess who you are. I hadn't played that kind of game in a long time, and forgot how much fun it can be. I thought it was so great, that some people (Jeff and Vanessa) didn't give up......even though it took almost an hour for them to guess Akon and Taurus. Such good sports!!

I also crafted 30 random questions about Brett.....i.e. Where was Brett born?, What was Brett's HS mascot?, When Brett was little, what did he want to be when he grew up?, What's Brett's truck named?, What does Brett's license plate read?, etc. I was having Brett write down his answers for the key at the end....but then he clued in that I didn't know all the answers already, and took over the questions, while I got to play too. I got 21 right, Dave got 22. Not too shabby....and it was fun to be part of the game myself.

Lastly, we played a mean round of Telephone Pictionary. There was 18 of us....so it took a little while....especially with Brett and Dave sitting right next to each other...they were having their own fun. We had to put on a timer to keep it going.....but it was all laughter when everyone got back their stacks. If you haven't played this game yet....I highly recommend it.

I setup the camera with the timer to take a few shots.....but I didn't realize how many it was going to take! After the first one, we decided to do the silly ones. It's so funny to see what everyone does in those shots!! Enjoy!!

I had a wonderful time with everyone tonight, and was especially happy to spend Brett's birthday with him.

Hope you enjoyed all the birthday celebrating!!! I love you, Brett!!!


KATEE said...

Brett so happy you were born! Loved celebrating your life with everyone and am stoked to see how the Lord continues to bless you in so many ways.
Annemarie you rock girl! What an amazing girlfriend you are!!! :)

j. shipley said...

i love these photos. and it was so fun to celebrate brett! it was a bitchin' party for sure!!

David said...

Anne Marie,
Great party! I am so thankful for you and your love for our boy B-diddy.

What can I say, "I love you man". Thanks for blazing the trail into adulthood. I think we are finally becoming old... well some of us sooner than the rest. 30 is going to be SWEET!