April 2, 2009

Dinner for Two

I racked my mind to figure out what I wanted to cook for my dinner tonight with my new roomie. I decided on Pesto Chicken Pasta, and picked up the necessary ingredients this afternoon.

I knew that she'd be back after 715, so I started to cook around 7, and perfect timing....she walked in right as I'd put the finishing touches on the food, and poured us both a glass of wine.

We, surprisingly, finished ALL of the dinner....yeah, no leftovers....and then devoured the pudding dessert too!! Our appetites were probably on overdrive due to all the chatting we both did during dinner. We worked it off even before it had time to start digesting.

I had such a great time with Danielle, and look forward to many more dinners like tonight in our future. :)


Mary Marantz said...

ummm that looks AWESOME!!! If we move you out to CT will you cook like that for us too?!

Amy said...


Shyla said...

Can the next time include Shyla?