April 25, 2009

Getting it in Gear

Brett and I have been talking about how we are going to get our somewhat lazy bums into shape.....and had come to the conclusion that bikes was a really great idea. So, when I was racking my brain on what to get him for his upcoming 30th birthday, I decided that bikes would be a perfect gift.

Because of the online store's policy regarding billing and shipping addresses, I had to have them delivered to Brett's house. They were supposed to show up on Wednesday, and I was all ready to camp out there that day and intercept the delivery. Well, on Tuesday morning, Brett called me.

"UPS is here. I think that he just dropped off something."

"WHAT?! Well, don't look at the boxes!!! Just sign for them, and leave them on the doorstep. I'm on my way over!!".

When I got there, two large boxes were sitting outside his doorway. After looking at them, and realizing that they weren't going to fit in my car, and it was probably more hassle than it was worth to try and hide them for a few days, I went ahead and had him open and find out the surprise then.

He was definitely surprised, and loved them. He had them all put together by the time I came back to his place later that afternoon. We took them for a short test spin on Wednesday, and couldn't wait to get out again.

Today was the perfect day for the real path trip. We decided to start out at Butterfly Beach, which ended up being a really great idea. The beginning of the bike path there goes through an absolutely wonderful part of SB, with incredible views. It ends near the bird refuge, where we met up with the path there, and followed it all the way up to Shoreline Park. Instead of resting, we got off our bikes there, and did some crunches, push ups, dips, and stretching. 15 minutes of that, and we were back on our bikes to head back the same way.

We got home and Brett tracked it out, it was over 8 miles total. We were out and about for about 75 minutes....and it was just the right amount of time. I'm glad that I got us the 21 speed bikes because we definitely used all the different gears to manage the ups and downs of the trail.

A few fun shots of us on our Motobecane 300 HT Mountain Bikes. Of course I don't know much about bikes, but I found this site, with great prices, and they were delivered 90% of the way built, and super speedy! I'd say get one with gears for sure, and front suspension. If you're looking for one for yourself, I'd say check them out.

Some fun outtake shots from the timer mess ups. :) You can almost make out what is written on the tongue of Brett's shoes from the shot on the right. When I saw that, I cracked up. (Right shoe: FASTER. Left shoe: THAN YOU.)

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