April 1, 2009

Who's hungry???

One of the things that I've really been enjoying about being in a new town, is getting to enjoy all of the new dining options!!! Here's a list of what I can remember that I've enjoyed so far!! (Ok, seriously...I need new words. I just used the word ENJOY three times in two sentences.)

Summerland Beach Cafe
Esau's Cafe
Sharkeez (Sat and Sun $4 breakfast!)
Cajun Kitchen Cafe

Cantwell's Market & Deli
Daily Grind
South Coast Deli
Fresco Cafe

In N Out
The Habit
Carl's Jr (they don't have these in TX...wait, I am lying...they do evidently, but I never ate at one there, so I associate this place with CA)
The Spot

Los Arroyos
El Paseo
Little Alex's

Aldo's Italian Restaurant

Taffy's Pizza

Sushi Teri

China Pavilion

Ice Cream
McConnell's Ice Cream (the Brazilian coffee chip is SOOOO good!)

Natural Cafe

Oh my....after putting together that list, instead of being hungry....I feel so FULL!!! I can't believe that I've been able to squeeze anything else in while I've been here besides eating. Geez!! And yes, I am putting on the pounds.....Brett keeps talking about we both need to get in shape, and he wants to ride bikes. I'll keep you all posted on how that works out.

And yes, I AM cooking dinners, from time to time....I need to do that more, but I need new (and super duper easy) recipes. I'm getting bored with my oldies but goodies.

The reason I started this post was because I was thrilled to meet up with Haley today after her meetings in SB. She and I were colleagues when I did licensing at Dell, and worked on quite a few deals together - she was so awesome to work with, by the way. Gosh, it was almost 3 years ago when we met for the first (and only other) time, when she invited me along on a team dinner in Austin. We reconnected when we found each other on Facebook a little while ago. Just yesterday, she let me know that she was going to be in town visiting with customers (ones that I remember working with her on deals too - how cool!!) for meetings today, and asked if I wanted to meet her after. I said "YES!" and we met up at Los Arroyos.

It was so wonderful to hang out with Haley again....I quickly remembered why I liked her so much when we met the first time. Not only is she so smart, but she radiates joy! She's a VERY happy wife and mother now...had it really been 3 years?....and I was smiling the whole time when she was recounting her stories. I'd SO love to get her, Gerry and baby Reef in front of my camera one day - here's to hoping that can happen soon!!!

And....as everyone always says..... "Posts are better with pictures"...so here's Haley and me.

(Side note, as I'm posting this picture....I am noticing that I am really hating my hair lately....it's just so gross. I think that it's trying to get used to the CA water and it's not cooperating. Ugh. Tara - help!!!)


Elisabeth said...

I associate Carl's Jr. with CA too! When I was younger we lived there and I remember LOVING Carl's Jr. and missing it when we moved back to OK.

I did hear that there is on in Leander now, so I am going to have to check it out.

Marisa said...

i miss SB!! :( but you've missed some of the best places on your list! Cava or Carlitos for mexican (YUM), east beach grill for breakfast (bring on the wheatgerm pancakes!), jeannine's has the best turkey-cran sandwich, and the best of all smoothie joints blenders!! :) oh and the pizza joint in downtown montecito...which i can't remember the name of...that's it. i'm coming to visit. b/c now i AM hungry! miss you :)

Beankountess said...

We all know I am a celebrity news freak...

Paris Hilton did a very sexy commercial for Carl's Jr.... It is actually kinda hot. I was going to attach the link but I didn't want to offend anyone.

I saw one here in Austin - but I don't remember where.

Autie said...

Ask Brett about the sandwich shop that is down by State Street. Sam's or Sammy's Sub Shop? It was good!