April 22, 2009

Pinot Noir | Seductive Satin of the Red Wines

When I was visiting SB in February, I went to the first night of this home group session with Brett. Since it was the first one, we had to go around the room, introduce ourselves, and answer a fun question. Describe your current relationship with Christ, but use a food. Luckily I got to be one of the last ones to go, but the first thing that came to mind was a grape. I thought about how a grape, in of itself, is a wonderful fruit, however, with time, love, attention, and care, it'll turn into something spectacular, a fine wine. Our relationship is the grape stage, but am working towards the wine with time, love, attention and care.

Well, after we broke, I introduced myself more individually to Laura, Liz, and Jessica. I first went up to talk to Laura about her job, but then after a bit, the girls broke in and told me about The Grapevine. Since I had mentioned wine, they said "So, you're moving here in a few weeks? That's great! We have a monthly group of girls that get together and we do wine tasting. You can be our friend." They were so adorably wonderful, and made me know that SB was going to be a great place to be once I moved here.

So, fast forward 2 months....and tonight was the next Grapevine get together. I got to spend the evening with 12 amazing women. Every new person that I meet here in SB is equally as wonderful as the last...I am waiting to wake up from my dream. I don't really know why or how I am so blessed!!

Tonight's feature was Pinot Noir....considered to be the Seductive Satin of the red wines. We tasted 8 bottles of Pinot Noir from all different regions - France, New Zealand, Oregon and of course, California. There were a few that I wasn't too fond of, some that were good....but then they all really started tasting the same to me. I don't have a future as a sommelier, not by any means!!

I just love meeting new people....especially when they are all fabulous women. Oh...and get this. There was another Aggie among the group tonight. I'm not sure if I mentioned here that Emily went to A&M also, but then we also met Lauren tonight who also graduated from there. What a small, small, world. Another girl moved here from Dallas not too long ago too. The amount of TX connections I've run into here is crazy!

Ok, it's time for me to hit the hay....but I had to share some pics from our night. Looking forward to more nights trying out new wine with new friends!!

The Seductive Satin part was the fun part of the night.....to influence our attire. Everyone managed to find something satin-y in their closets for the night.

I do love a good self portrait....13....not too shabby!

Thanks to Jess and Liz for hosting!!! See you girls soon!

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Vanessa said...

You girls look beautiful as ever! I'm so bummed I missed it...I'll have to swap out homegroup for a girl's night next time- looks so fun! :)