April 11, 2009

Tyrone Wells is for Lovers

This morning Brett and I helped setup at Carpinteria High School for the Easter service tomorrow. There were so many people that came out to help that everything was finished up right before lunch. It was so wonderful to see everyone out there on a Saturday morning, working together, for a great purpose. I can't wait for tomorrow. Someone said that we are expecting over 1000 visitors...how cool is that!?!? What an awesome surprise they are going to be in for - I'm so excited!!!

Emily mentioned that there were a few folks heading to a festival in Ventura to see Tyrone Wells play. I haven't seen any live music in a while, Brett was going to work, so I decided to tag along. Turns out that the show was after the wrap up of the Ultimate Boarder show, so we got to see some fun tricks by the skateboarders before the awards were given. The winner of the competition got $30,000, so you can imagine that he was pretty amped about winning!!

I secretly love festival type food....and was even more excited when the food actually looked good!! And....not only did it look good, it WAS good. I never get burritos, they are too messy....and this one WAS messy, BUT it was sooo yummy. I took a picture of my Shrimp and Fish Burrito to show Brett since he loves to eat them.

Afterwards, the music got started. Civil Twilight played the first set, and they were really great. They are originally from South Africa (which should intrigue my Mother enough to click to hear their music), and were really impressive. The whole time during the show I thought that I knew the bassist from somewhere, but I don't think that I did. Oh well...they were really good, check them out!!

The surprise of the night was Tyrone Wells. I'd heard about him before from a few folks, but hadn't ever listened to any of his music. Wow, I was really blown away....he stood up to everyone's raves. I'd say to check him out too!!

I'm really glad that I decided to make the trip with the girls, and Ryan, tonight!!! Thanks to Amy for driving us!!!

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