April 4, 2009

Beauty of Santa Barbara - Farmer's Market & Beach Cruising

There are so many things to see and do in Santa Barbara....and I had the chance to do two of those today!!

This morning I went to meet Laura at the Farmer's Market. This market gathers everyday, twice a week in downtown SB, and is filled with flowers, fruit, veggie and other vendors. I didn't have anything in mind to get this morning...but I had a great time walking around and seeing all the beautiful things. I thought about bringing my big girl camera, but didn't want it to be awkward. When I got there, though, there must have been some students doing a project for a photography class or something because there were about 10 people out there with their own big girl type cameras, all snapping away. I managed with my P&S, and snapped a few shots of the fun.

Afterwards, Laura and I took a stroll around downtown, and just happened upon a Starbucks. Ok, it was where we were headed, but there are 3 on State Street, so even if you're not trying you'll run into one eventually. I haven't had caffiene in almost 3 weeks.....but I've been really missing the flavor of my favorite White Chocolate Mochas. So, I got one, and had them prepare it decaf. Go me!! It was nice to run into Katee there today too....first time that anyone at Starbucks has ever spelled my name right on a cup - thanks Katee!! :)

As soon as we got in our cars, I realized that I forgot to snap a pic of me and Laura!! Doh!! Next time. :)

Activity for the afternoon?? Bike riding along the beach - yay!! We went to rent some beach cruisers with Erik and Danielle, but when we got there.....all the single bikes were taken.....so we ended up with two tandem bikes. This turned out to be a great idea!! I got to look around while Brett steered the bike. I DID help pedal....and I know that I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Notice the cute little basket on the front of the bike too!! This came in real handy for when I wanted to take off and put back on my jacket. Hee hee.

It was a beautiful afternoon. We went all the way up to Shoreline Park, and then back down to the bird refuge near the zoo. We rode for about an hour, and then grabbed some lunch at The Habit. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon...with great company!!! I'm getting more excited day by day for Danielle and I to get our place, and now for Erik to move here also!! He's in the process of getting himself here to SB right now - fingers are crossed for him on his job opportunity!! :)


Julie said...

I love that our "California Girl" still dons her 'Don't Mess with Texas' t-shirt!

Andrew Barlow said...

Looks like SO much fun!
You guys rock =)

Beankountess said...

I went to the Dobie for the first time tonight! LOVED IT!!

There is so much of Austin I haven't seen including the Farmer's Market! And I have lived here a total of 10 years! That is just sad!!!

LB said...

someday i'll make it on this here blog...someday :)