April 18, 2009

Fun Filled Saturday

I ended up crashing with the girls on Friday night after our all night songwriting extravaganza....slumber party!! :) I left them for just a short bit on Saturday morning before planning on meeting back up with them later at the beach.

Brett has been working a lot lately, and since he did that all Friday night, he hadn't been out of the house, and was getting hungry too. So, on his way to get himself a bite to eat, he met me for quick visit at the shopping center while I got a Blenders. He hadn't made the blog too much lately, so we snapped this picture in the parking lot so no one forgets how cute he is!!

I met up with some folks on Butterfly Beach for a few hours in the afternoon. It was an absolutely beautiful day in SB....the sun was shining, and it wasn't too windy. I learned something new today. As we were sitting there, someone said "Yeah, the only thing that I don't like about Santa Barbara beaches is all the tar.". I said "Huh? What tar?", right as I was noticing something on the bottom of my feet.

Well, I learned what it was, and made a very personal acquaintance with it too. It's dark, sticky, and hard to get off. Yuck!!

But I didn't let that spoil my good time basking in the sun.

After only a few short hours, we were off again....to get ready for the late afternoon photoshoot! Laura and Shannon were our models, and we were headed to the spot that Josh had told us about the night before. Well, we found it....and it was AMAZING!! The pics will be featured in a post to come soon....but W.O.W. It was exactly what I'd seen in my head so many times, but hadn't ever been able to find. As the sun went down, the most wonderful golden haze appeared. We all thought we were finished, but when we spotted that....more pics were snapped. We even had our models turn the camera on us, so there are some fun ones of me, Amy and Emily to come soon too!!

I was originally going to cook us dinner for our date night, but by the time I made it to Brett's, it was almost 8, so we had a lovely spread from The Habit instead. We broke out the Scrabble board and managed to get ourselves into a pretty intense game for the evening.

A few highlights:

Brett scored his first official Bingo with DURATION for 70 points!! I'm so proud! :)

Near the end of the game, I was counting which letters were left before I made a few key moves. Placing an I in the only spot near a Q, I put HIP on the board. I counted the Cs and Ss on the board to be sure that Brett didn't have one to score on the Triple Word Score above my play. They were all out, so I was good to make my move. Then, a few turns later, Brett looks at the board, and acts shocked to see that he could play his S to make SHIP on the TWS and overtake the lead for the game. I was floored because I counted and they were all out there. I did it again, and there were only 3. I must have miscounted. Shame on me. So, he put his 30+ points on the tally for that word, and in 2 more turns the game was over. He beat me by 7 points.




and THEN......he confessed that he CHEATED!!!

When I wasn't looking, he had swapped one of his tiles for an S that was on the board. !!!! It was pretty funny, especially since the thought that he had cheated to win hadn't ever crossed my mind. That sneak. He's a hard one to beat these days. After a few games he quickly caught on to how to play the game with strategy, and it hasn't been the same since. I wanted to take a picture of the board, but he cleared it before I could. :)

A wonderful Saturday in SB!!! I have to pinch myself daily to be sure I'm really here.


Autie said...

I would like to know how many AP would have beat you by if you hadn't cheated Brett?

JakesMom31 said...

Olive oil will take that tar right off your feet! Stick a spray bottle filled with it and some baby wipes in your beach bag. I learned that when we visited the Billicks. We walked down Hermosa beach and our feet were covered with tar.

B said...

First Kyle...and now Brett...I love that guys have to cheat to beat you!