April 17, 2009

Pizza, Cobbler, Telephone Pictionary & Songwriting...all in a Friday Night!

Friday night was filled with lots of fun. Dinner included yummy pizzas.....Pesto Chicken, Hawaiian and Pepperoni!!!

The peaches and mixed berries transformed into yummy cobblers!!

There were 10 of us playing a game that I hadn't heard of before, Telephone Pictionary. You each start out with as many pieces of paper as there are players, and write something, anything, down on your first sheet. You then pass your stack of pages to your left, read what is written, put that page to the back, and that player has to draw that. You pass it again, and now that player has to write a sentence describing what they see. It passes again, and you alternate drawing and writing what is in front of you. At the end it gets back to the original person, and it's story time. What a brilliant way to combine to classic games.

I wrote "Dance Like No One is Watching". Check out how it changed through the game. Mine was fun, but some of the other ones had us in stitches!!

By the end of the night we had quite a crew of fun people around!

After the game, Jonathan and Shannon serenaded us for a bit with their guitar playing and singing. When there was only 6 of us left, and at 1am, Shannon said "Hey, we should write a song!".

Jonathan starting strumming out a few chords and sang, "I got a story that'll break your heart", and Shannon, without hesitation, came back with, "About a boy and a girl who didn't know where to start".

We all were like "!!!!". Oh....let's DO this!!!

So, we all proceeded to put our minds together, and came up with a song. It was fun for all of us to work together, encouraging one another when something wondrous popped out of one of our mouths, and the melodies with Jon and Shannon's voices were beautiful.

We finished up around 3am, but were all super proud of what we'd put together.

singers/songwriters: jon & shannon
songwriters: ashley, amy, emily & annemarie

i got a story that'll break your heart
about a boy and a girl who didn't know where to start
where do we go from here?

she never listens and i never talk
i always stay and he always walks
i see in colors but she's black and white
he's never wrong but i know i'm right
you're always too much; you say i'm never enough
where do we go from here?

flippin a coin with two sides the same
just looking for a way out of this game
why call the hand when the cards have yet to be played

flippin coins ain't my thing and i ain't into games
(but you're always playing games)
if this is a game, it's one that i don't wanna lose
(i don't want you to lose)

where do we go from here?
why don't we start from here?
we should start right here.

(click to watch the video.)


Autie said...

Fantastic writing all! Love the tune, and their voices!! All together I thoroughly enjoyed the song!

Shannon said...

This is great! I am so happy I made it into your blogs :)
Had so much fun with you

mary jane said...

Anne Marie - it was so nice to finally meet you! I'm so happy to see that my dancing girl drawing made the blog. YAY! I was secretly hoping that would never see the light of day! LOL. Hope to see you again soon. :)