April 29, 2009

Jessica Alba Enchiladas

Jen and Laura cooked 12 of us enchiladas for dinner tonight. Interesting fact of the evening is that the recipe came from Jessica Alba. No, she didn't hand deliver it, she actually came over and helped make dinner. Totally kidding. Wonder if anyone even reads the text, or are you just looking at the pictures?? :)

Most of the girls I had just met last week at the Grapevine night, but already feel like they are friends. Every one of these women is so special, welcoming, and wonderful. We all ate around one big table and shared stories. I love getting to know new people, and am not used to being one of the newer ones in a group. At one point during our conversations, I was asked to share my testimony. I love being able to relive it with telling my story. I even made it almost all the way through without getting teary.

Yes, I put two pictures together here....I didn't want to leave Alayna out of the pic. We got one with her in it, but then Jenna had to leave because her parents had arrived. Oh well, we'll nail it next time. :)

I am looking forward to when Laura can cook dinner in our new place for everyone!!


LB said...

wow. no words. no words. but yes I will make all of you dinner.

Emily S Crawford said...

Loved the night, love the pictures, and loving my thoughts about future nights just like this!! :)

jamiedelaine said...

I read the text silly. ;)

All About the Arredondos said...

Ha! Funny! I read the text and hoped to find a recipe somewhere in there. Those look ridiculously yummy!!!! Please share :)