April 7, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner & Birthday Celebration for a "Star"

The preparation for last night started yesterday afternoon with Emily and me running around Ralph's (which, btw, I think I like better than Vons....but it's further away - boo!) getting things for dinner.

Tortillas, salsa, peanut butter? Check!!
Cake mix, eggs, vegetable oil? Check!!

She and I made some totally ghetto cupcakes and a little funfetti cake for the festivities of the evening. I hadn't ever heard of funfetti before, but it might be my new favorite!! And why is it that batter tastes so darned good?? Almost better than the actual cake itself??

Anyways, I digress. A group of us got together, and all worked together, to put together the most wonderful dinner of breakfast! We had eggs, bacon, fruit, pancakes, and so much more.....and it all tasted so good!!

We watched DWTS in between the fun, and then ended the celebratory evening with Happy Birthday to a star.....Jasmine Star. Check out her blog for some great pics!

I was having too much fun being part one of the many cooks in the kitchen, so the only pic I got was at the very end....and of course it was my favorite kind. AND, I believe that this is a personal record for me. FIFTEEN awesome people in this one!!

Happy Birthday Jas!!!

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