August 30, 2010

She loves him, yes she does

While most people will post cute picture of their kids with their husbands.....this is what I have. :)

Molly sure does love Brett. It is so cute when she gets up and cuddles, and just totally relaxes with one of us.

August 29, 2010

Sunday Adventure in Yosemite

So, we had all day Sunday to take our time getting back home. Since Tioga Pass is closed during the winter, we decided to take it in the summer. It was a beautiful day and a really nice drive through the mountains to make it down to the Yosemite valley floor.

We climbed all the way up to over 9000 got colder every turn we made.

When we got to the park, we stopped more than a few time to admire the views. They were pretty amazing!

We made it to the floor of Yosemite right around lunch and had pizza at Curry Village. It was surprisingly tasty and it definitely hit the spot.

On the way out of the village, I spotted a fox. [EDITED : Evidently I don't know my mountain furry animals....this would be a COYOTE and not a fox .] He walked right by our car. I grabbed the camera real fast and Brett had it still set on a previous the first pictures were jacked. Ooops!

I finally got it to the right setting and was able to catch one shot of him right before he walked into the woods, right above where all the tents were.

We made it home around 9 o'clock...Brett made it in record time. I love spending random, easy going days, with Brett like this one. Especially since he lets me sleep when my eyelids get so droopy in the car. I'm a lucky girl!

August 28, 2010

A Day in Mammoth with Mom & Dad

We drove up toward Mammoth Lakes last night after work, and pulled into greet my parents around 1130pm. They had been in Lake Tahoe the last few days for the car club, and we had made plans to visit with each other over the weekend.

This morning, after a lovely breakfast of OJ and danishes, we made our way over to Mammoth Mountain to take the gondola ride to the top.

It ended up being a LOT chillier than any of us had expected, or planned for, but luckily all of us had a jacket of sorts to try and keep warm.

The gondola took us up to the very top, at 11,000+ feet, and it was only 33 up there....but the views on the way up there were amazing!

The sky was crazy blue and the clouds were pretty sweet. We had to share the top of the mountain with all the bikers. They were all decked out with gear and helmets, but I agree with my did look like they were having a lot of fun. Maybe next time Brett and I will have to do that!

Of course you need the obligatory group shot at the top.

Oh, and why not a few JUMP ones too!!

My Dad tried his own version of the JUMP...his was a little bit more calm. :)

I think that "they" call this an EPIC shot.

Brett had been trying to explain to us that in the winter there was hundreds of inches of snow covering all of the mountain. Not until we went into the exhibit center did we really understand what that meant. On the sunny summer day, the sign looked like it does on the left. In the winter....only the top rung of the totem pole shows, and barely at that. Crazy!

After making it down, and getting a bite to eat at The Yodler, we drove over towards June Lake. We pulled over to the side to get a group shot, and right then, my Dad tells us that he sees a bear. Of course he was kidding, but we all fell for it. Brett had the remote and got us all looking a little dumbfounded in the series. :)

All of the lakes in the June Lake loop were so pretty. It was so windy so there were whitecaps at each one.

We came back to the cabin, and taught my parents how to play Rook. My Mom and I ended up sweeping the men, totally by chance. Brett is still a little sore about it. :)

Overall, we had a great time, and was happy that we were able to meet up with my parents for a quick visit on the west side of the country. Wonder what our next adventure will be?

August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

What a long week. I was in Phoenix for two full days, and then San Diego for one for work. I don't love being away from home, but when the trips go well, and I have nice coworkers to travel with me, it's not all that terrible.

But, man, oh man, have I missed these Fridays!! It has been two weeks since I had been for one of our Friday mornings and for this one we decided to patron Savoy. They just reopened and we were there on opening day!

It was filled with wonderful sunlight, and when all of us showed up, lots of laughs, giggles and fun times.

Happy Friday everyone!!

August 23, 2010

Starting off the week with some Juliann

Since Juliann now has clients on Friday mornings, she isn't able to join us anymore. So, when I ran into her at church, I snapped her up and made her agree to meet me on Monday instead.

What a wonderful way to START off the week too? We met at Coffee Cat, and old favorite, and had a wonderful time catching up.

August 22, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

So, we talked about it....and after a little over a year of growing it out....we cut it all off!! Check out Brett's new doo!

Still as handsome as ever, I say. I would also say that I'm not too far behind him in the new doo department. Stay tuned my friends. :)

August 14, 2010

A Wedding Story :: Jen & Jake

Emily and I, and Brett too this time, got to spend the day in San Luis Obispo today capturing the story of Jen and Jake. What a wonderful day to celebrate their nuptials. We've been waiting for this day since their fairytale engagement in Paris and it was finally here. Everyone came together to make this day happen....and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Jen and Jake's friends, and church families, helped in every part of the day.

After all the girls got their hair and makeup done, everyone headed to Grace Church in San Luis Obispo. Each party started out separately to grab a bite to eat before getting into their fabulous wedding attire.

Both Jen and Jake were surrounded by the most amazing group of men and women for their special day.

They opted for a First Look which allowed us plenty of time to spend with them, and the bridal party before the wedding and festivities. There was a beautiful gazebo right across the street from the church that made for the perfect spot for their first time seeing each other as bride and groom on their wedding day.

I love being able to witness such loving love.

The girls' flowers were done by Jen's cousin, April, of April Flowers in SLO, and I have to say that she did an outstanding job. I loved the way that she put together the bridesmaid bouquets, combining soft white flowers with the details of the piney type punches of color. A family friend did the the billy ball boutonnieres and they were a favorite of mine too!

I snuck into where Jen was waiting right before the ceremony, as she watched all the guests being seated in the church. Such a special gift for her to carry her grandmother's Bible down the aisle with her.

I love this moment as Jen's Dad gives her away to Jake at the end of the aisle before he initiates the ceremony.

A special time of prayer with all of the parents over Jen and Jake's future and marriage.

We were giddy to be able to steal them away for a little big more after the ceremony. Jen had mentioned this field of flowers that was on the way back to where the reception was being held, and asked if we might be able to find a way to get into them. Well, we did....and boy, was it worth it.

When we got closer, we learned, rather quickly, that the flowers had the most prickly leaf on them. So prickly that none of us were about to get that close.....well, except Brett. He took one for our team, and made his way into the crop to get this shot. Yeah, it was worth it.

The light was gorgeous, and we had an open of my favorite places, so we had a little more fun with them before we got them back to their guests.

Back at Jen's parent's house, where the party was to be....Emily had, earlier in the week, painted "jake + jen" on the water tower for the occasion. It was such a fun addition to the plentiful details that friends and family put together for the party.

No detail was left undone. I think one of my favorites was how the glasses and drinks were served. You took a mason jar, wrote your name on it, and it was yours all night. The vanilla lemonade was a hit too!

In lieu of a traditional guestbook, guests were asked to type a note to the bride and groom on the old fashioned typewriters. So neat!

Signs, signs, everywhere, signs.

Party favor was a special blend made by Jen and Jake. beans!!

Oh, and the desserts.....oh my GOSH....the desserts. The whole town must have contributed.....there was so many delicious treats!

The toasts were heartful and everyone raised a glass!

The night got underway with Jen and Jake starting off the dancing......

....and it didn't stop. This crowd knew how to keep the dance floor packed!!

Today was a true display of God's love and how He provides for us. Every bit of this wedding was provided by Him, and his people.

Jen, Jake....thank you for allowing Brett, Emily and I to be part of your wedding day. It was an honor to serve you, and we are thankful for being in your lives. May your love continue to bless everyone for the rest of your lives together. didn't get enough? Well, good. There's more for your eyes to see in the slideshow. :)

August 12, 2010

A Maternity Story :: Christi & Jaimeson

It went by quick, I'm sure not as fast for Christi, but I couldn't believe that she was already 37 weeks along when I met up with her and Jaimeson for a little maternity shoot. I am so excited for the two of them and can't wait to meet the little baby boy.

I asked to peek at the baby's room, and couldn't help take a few shots of the nursery. Christi did such an amazing job of decorating his room! What a lucky little guy.

We took the 15 second drive....not walk due to the baby the end of the street to make it to the bluffs. I hadn't ever been over to this part of the bluffs, and it was so neat. I definitely want to go out there again.

These two are going to be the best parents....they already love this little baby so much!

There is just something about the picture on the left below that I love. Christi, you are radiant!!

I got a little dorky with the light and a stick on the beach. :) Thanks for being up for some fun.

Love this series.

We were officially finished with pictures, but I made Christi stop for one last one in this field. It just looks like where dreams are made. So beautiful.

I am so happy for these two and can't wait to meet their little bundle of joy.