August 29, 2010

Sunday Adventure in Yosemite

So, we had all day Sunday to take our time getting back home. Since Tioga Pass is closed during the winter, we decided to take it in the summer. It was a beautiful day and a really nice drive through the mountains to make it down to the Yosemite valley floor.

We climbed all the way up to over 9000 got colder every turn we made.

When we got to the park, we stopped more than a few time to admire the views. They were pretty amazing!

We made it to the floor of Yosemite right around lunch and had pizza at Curry Village. It was surprisingly tasty and it definitely hit the spot.

On the way out of the village, I spotted a fox. [EDITED : Evidently I don't know my mountain furry animals....this would be a COYOTE and not a fox .] He walked right by our car. I grabbed the camera real fast and Brett had it still set on a previous the first pictures were jacked. Ooops!

I finally got it to the right setting and was able to catch one shot of him right before he walked into the woods, right above where all the tents were.

We made it home around 9 o'clock...Brett made it in record time. I love spending random, easy going days, with Brett like this one. Especially since he lets me sleep when my eyelids get so droopy in the car. I'm a lucky girl!

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