August 8, 2010

A Wedding Story :: Laura and Benjamin

Laura and Benjamin.....what an honor to be asked to capture your special day. You have given Emily and me such a wonderful gift!!

Your story, well, it's been a wonderful one in the making. I guess I can tell it from my perspective....since I was fortunate to be there from the beginning.

First, I met and fell in love with Laura and her infectious laugh and smile at home group. I begged her to live with me (and Danielle), and she said yes. At some point, it came up, and several people encouraged her to just "go for it" and put herself out there on She did....and then......AND THEN.....she was matched with a cute boy named Benjamin. That was nice and all....BUT....."He lives in Montana. I mean, I'm never going to move to Montana. I probably shouldn't even keep talking to him". But, with more encouragement from loved ones, she went ahead and explored this match. He was kind, loved Jesus, and they got along....incredibly well. Why not, right?

Well, it kept going well.....and I can still remember their first gchat video date. She was so nervous, but it lasted WAY longer than expected, and from there it just kept going. All of the sudden, Laura was driving to LAX to pick up Benjamin/Ben/Benny Montana....for his first visit. He brought her flowers and a wooden spoon. That might have been all it took to melt her heart.

But, that wasn't it. Soon, Laura was taking a trip to Montana. Ben was in SB again. They met each other's families. And then....they were talking marriage.

There was a ring. There was a proposal. There was a YES!

I am getting teary eyed just thinking of how wonderful their story is, and how it was all put in place by a God that is much bigger than us, has bigger plans for us than we could ever dream up ourselves, and bigger than eharmony! :)

Thank you for being a wonderful friend, a sister in Christ, and a beautiful bride!! I pray that you and Benjamin will have infinite years of happiness and wedded bliss. Love you both and hope you enjoy your wedding day story!

And without any further delay.....the wedding day of Benjamin and Laura!!

Laura and Benjamin opted for a "First Look". The place that we found on the property for them to see each other for the first time was just amazing. It was the most beautiful forest!!

Yeah!! Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sears!!!

We couldn't help steal them away for just a few more shots after the ceremony. Do you blame us?

Laura had these little signs all ready for a great photo opp. I am SO glad she did....isn't this the most adorable image ever??

The toasts were heartfelt, especially when one of Ben's brothers gave Laura her very own adventure hat.

As soon as the DJ started the music, the dancefloor was packed. This crowd was having such a blast!!

After a wonderful night, the bride and groom went to change into their getaway outfits, said their goodbyes and slipped off together.

It was the most wonderful day, and I am so thankful to Laura for trusting Emily and I to be there to capture their day. We were smiling the entire time, and loved everyone we met.

For even more images, be sure to check out the slideshow!

Special thanks to all the people that helped make Laura and Benjamin's day happen!

Hair - Pam Tanchon of Accents Salon & Spa
Makeup - Kimberly of Kajal by Kimberly
Ceremony and Reception Location - Hillbrook Club
Flowers - Lowe's Greenhouse
Music - Bell Flower String Quartet/ Freddie James Disk Jockeys
Day of Coordination - Brandi Hammerstone of All Events Planned
Wedding Cake - Anne Ries
Photography - All Things Annemarie and e three


The City Girl said...

You did such an amazing job on these photos!!! Seriously! Why aren't you doing photography for a living, lady?!?!? :)

Unknown said...

Annemarie, the shoes photo... adorable! But it was probably easy to make these two look so cute.

Camille said...

so cute!!!