February 28, 2009

A Few Things on the California Coast

Saturday was an amazing day...Brett and I got in the truck around 11am, and started to head up the coast. Seriously, the drive is just beautiful, even on the 101. The mountains are so pretty, and I hope that everyone that comes to visit me, gets to see how majestic it is out in CA.

After a little bit of driving, we got really hungry, and after grabbing a sandwich, we found a nice spot on Pismo Beach to eat. It was a clear and sunny day, and the beach was the perfect spot. I hope that I can remember how wonderful and calming it was...can you just imagine spending a Saturday afternoon on the beach with a good book. Yeah, I'll have to add that to my list of things to do. :)

We continued up the coast towards San Simeon. We had a little time to kill before our next stop, so we went to visit the Elephant Seals. I was kind of expecting it to be similar to the ones that we'd seen in Carpenteria in January, but oh no, not the same. These things are big, smelly, loud and not very visually appealing...but I'm glad that we went nonetheless. We read on the info signs that it was the end of the mating season....and well, yeah, we got to experience that, live and in person. I'll save your precious ears and not post the video that someone (not naming names) took while we were there.

Our chosen destination for the afternoon was Hearst Castle. I hadn't ever heard of this before, or WR Hearst, but trusted Brett that this would be something fun for us to do. I must say that I was a little hesitant, as I'd toured a few castles in Europe in college, and thought "once you've seen one castle, you've seen them all", but I was delightfully proven wrong. This home was ridiculously humongous, and on Tour 2, we got to see a few of the 42 guest rooms, a few libraries, the kitchen, and the pools. It really was spectacular, and we had a really nice time on the tour.

We also brought out the tripod and snapped a few pics with the beautiful landscapes.

After the tour was over, we drove about 15 more minutes up the 1, to "where it gets fun", according to Brett, and pulled off somewhere semi-safe, for one more photo opp.

We finished off the evening with a nice dinner at The Ragged Point Inn, before heading back home. I'm so glad that we took the camera(s) to have some beautiful images to remember our day together.

February 27, 2009

Time Flies in CA!!

So, after a wonderful week in Las Vegas with all of the photogs, and Brett's family, we headed on the road Saturday morning back towards Santa Barbara. Let's see if I can remember how the time just flew by during the week.

Saturday evening, we met with Eric & Marisa for their Love Story. It was a quick visit, but we look forward to seeing them again for an extended one, hopefully real soon.

Sunday morning, early, even before church, we went to meet the SB gang for a breakfast birthday celebration for Scott at Esau's Cafe.

Tuesday I had a great lunch with a new friend, Emily, who I met at WPPI in Vegas, and ran into again at church. When we were trying to figure out where to meet for lunch, I told her that I loved sandwiches, and local joints, and we ended up enjoying a really yummy meal at Cantwell's Deli. Emily's originally from outside of Houston, and also went to A&M, so we had plenty of things to talk about. I'm really excited about growing new friendships in my new town once I move.

Wednesday night I got to try out Danielle's super easy Chicken Pot Pie and Peach Cobbler recipes for dinner. We lucked out that Kirsten didn't have basketball practice that night, so she joined us. I must say, that true to Danielle's word, both recipes were totally easy, and so yummy too!!!

Thursday morning, I had the best time with Bethany, but you've already read about her story.

Oh, back to the cobbler....it was SO yummy, in fact, that I made the it again for dessert on Thursday night!!! We got to spend some time with Danielle (my future roomie), DJ and Kyle for dinner company.

Friday I met up with another new friend, Laura (Brett says I have too many Lauras already!!), for coffee and conversation on State Street in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day that we walked for almost an hour before she had to head back to work.

The week flew by......but there is more. We had a fantastic weekend too. Next post. :)

February 26, 2009

A California Girl Story | Bethany

After the shoot with Eric and Marisa on Saturday in SB, I knew that I wouldn't be able to leave CA without shooting some more pics. At breakfast on Sunday morning, I asked Bethany what she was doing this week, and if she'd be up for driving out towards Solvang for some pretty pictures. Luckily, she had a free day this week, and was up for the idea!

She came and got me early this morning, and we headed towards Solvang. I really had no idea what to expect from this town, but I'd hear from a few people that it was worth the drive. I thought, if it's that pretty, then I am sure we can find some fun spots for pics too!

The drive was amazing....this part of California is so beautiful. It looked like a postcard most of the drive. There were so many spots that I wanted to stop, but we kept going until we found the right one. Our first stop was near a neighborhood, one of the hills that we could get to that wasn't blocked by some private fencing. :) The blue sky on top of the green was so gorgeous....I don't think that any of the shots I got do it justice at all!!

We then drove into town, and walked all over Las Olivas. I loved the feel of the architecture there, and we had a great time discovering all the neat nooks the town had to offer us.

Bethany - I had a blast with you today....you were such an amazing model, a true California girl, and you looked beautiful!! I can't wait to move here and get to know you better. xoxo

To see more of this California girl, watch the slideshow!!

February 24, 2009

A Love Story | Eric & Marisa

I had the most wonderful time running around a few spots in downtown Santa Barbara on Saturday with Eric and Marisa. I was so excited, not only to see them again, but to have my first time shooting in SB. I am in love with the feel of the downtown here, and can't wait to go back again.

We started out at the park, and then headed over to somewhere that I probably could find again?? :) Give me a few months, and I'll know my way around, but all I saw was some fun turquoise colored door, and asked Brett to drop us off there. These two have been married for 5 years and what better way to celebrate their love than with some updated fun photos!!

Marisa, it was awesome getting to see you and Eric again. Next time we'll plan for a longer visit....we will be getting up to Seattle at some point....save us some fun!! :) Hope you like your love story!! xoxo

For more of this hot couple, watch the slideshow.

February 18, 2009

All Things at WPPI with Annemarie

I'm coming down from a really fantastic few days here in Vegas.

It all started on Sunday night when we went to meet up with some of Brett's work buddies for dinner. I got to meet the folks that I'd heard so much about, and truly enjoyed every minute of it all. We had a super yummy dinner at Shibuya with DJ, Todd, Aaron, Andrew and Matt. After dinner, we made a run to the airport to pick up Jason, and timing worked out perfect, because Shyla had just landed too, so we got lucky and was able to get her also!!

After a quick stop at the grocery story to pick up some snacks and goodies for the week, we setup and played a little Rock Band in the suite before heading in for the night.

On Monday, I headed down to the tradeshow with Shyla, and had a lot of fun keeping up with her walking the floor. The sheer number of booths of goodies there was a bit much for me, I really didn't have anything that I needed, or wanted, but it was all worth it. My favorite part of the tradeshow was meeting new people. I was really excited to meet the lovely Jamie Delaine, as well spend some time chatting with Mary and Justin Marantz. Smiles all around.

After all of the activity was finished up in the ShowIt Suite, the group of us headed out to eat at PFChangs. We got there a little early for our reservation, so while we were waiting and getting hungrier by the moment, we decided to go ahead and figure out what we wanted to eat. When our waitress came to our table, we handed her the iPhone that already had our order, ready to go. Talk about making her job easy!! Dinner was filled with great food, and conversation....as well as some serious belly laughs at Andrew's impressions of Brian Regan! Hysterical.

Tuesday and Wednesday I hung out at the ShowIt Suite during the day, and we ate more food during the nights!!! I seriously think I gained some weight in the last few days. Tuesday night we stuffed our faces at the Bellagio Buffet with a wonderful group of people as company.

On the way out, I had to get the signature Bellagio shot....you know the one....with the pretty glass in the background. :)

After packing everything up on Wednesday, we were (once again) starved from a long day, and rounded out the dining of the week with one last Asian meal at Pearl in the MGM with a few more awesome people.

I had a great time this week at WPPI. I wouldn't say that I really participated much as a photographer, I didn't even take my big girl camera from Brett's parent's house.....but I was definitely participating as me, having a wonderful experience, meeting and getting to know fantastic loving people.

I can't wait to see some of my new friends again, real soon. :)

February 17, 2009

What's been happening?

So, I'm playing catch up....I got to Vegas on Friday morning to be greeted by Autumn and Loralyn - what a way to be picked up at the airport. :) We had some lunch, and then Autie and I had a wonderful girly afternoon filled with pedicures and some shopping.

Saturday was Valentine's Day, and I was so happy to be able to spend it with Brett and his family. In the morning, Brett went to Thomas the Train with Loralyn and Autumn, and then we all met up for an early dinner at Melting Pot.

I'd seen about this place for a long time, but had never been. It was quite an experience, and oh so yummy too!!! We had all three courses.....first one cheese, 2nd one was all the meats, and dessert was lots of goodies dipped in chocolate. Betty and Bruce went to see The Doobie Brothers, while the 4 of us went to see The International. It was a great day filled with lots of love!!

February 14, 2009

A Love Story | Melissa & Chris

I was so excited that we got to have a Love Story Shoot while Melissa and Chris were in Austin for work. Melissa is one of my favorite friends, always smiling (and what a great smile she has...I mean seriously).....and Chris, I mean Toph, loves her SOOOO much, it's so obvious when you're around the two of them. As a side note, he makes me laugh because he calls me "All Things" (which I secretly really love!). :)

These two were so easy to be around with the camera, and you can really tell how much they love each other. They are so excited they are to be getting married in November in Costa Rica. I also can't wait for their nuptials because Brett and I get to be there too!! :)

Melissa - I am so happy that we made time to spend together to capture your love story. I hope you and Chris love it!

P.S. Special thanks to Renae for being my assistant for the afternoon! :)

For a whole lotta love with Mel and Toph, watch the slideshow.