February 9, 2009

The View

As I was on my way out the door tonight to meet some of my favorite girls for dinner, I decided it was time to post some pics of things that are happening around Austin with Annemarie. After all, this is All Things Annemarie. So, I brought along my big girl camera and had some fun taking all sorts of pics at dinner.

Melissa is in town for work, and so it means that we are all going to meet up at Jardin for some good ole Mexican food and margaritas!

First off....just that. Yummmmy food and margs!

When we get together, it is non-stop chatter all around the table. I sat back and watched us for a second, and thought it was a great idea that we start up our own The View, Austin style with the 6 of us. I seriously think that the next time all of us are together, I'm going to setup a camera, and get us on film. It might just be me, but I really do think that we are pretty funny, and that people would enjoy watching us. I am sure that the folks at Jardin would agree. We usually end up putting on a show while we are there without even trying.

Melissa got engaged before Christmas, and it was the first time that we'd seen her ring. I noticed that all the girls at the table have some beautiful jewels....so whala, an idea for a photo montage. At one point, we put all of the jewels on one finger....now THAT is what I call BLING!!!

The girls....don't we just ooze fun and entertainment? You'd tune in every morning to our show, right? :)

It was pretty warm today, so the varied footwear comes out. I painted my toes today, so I thought I'd wear the peep toe shoes. Bonus points to anyone that can guess the color that I used? It was a new look for me.

One last group shot before we say goodnight. I love these women!!!

Ok, I lied...just one more girls....this time with the funny faces!! :)

I'll keep you all posted on what channel picks up our new show!!!


All Things BD said...

I can't help but wonder something on that last photo: Wedding leather??? What in the world is that store behind you selling?

kennykimdotcom said...

hhmm, will I see a bling on your finger soon? ;-)

Annemarie said...

Oh my goodness...good catch, BD. I hadn't noticed that, but now I'm curious too!! I'll have to check it out next time I'm over there! How funny!

Kenny....only if you were planning on sending me something pretty!! :)

Sean Wray said...

Six girls and only five rings... I'm staying tuned in to see when the sixth girlie gets her ring!