February 27, 2009

Time Flies in CA!!

So, after a wonderful week in Las Vegas with all of the photogs, and Brett's family, we headed on the road Saturday morning back towards Santa Barbara. Let's see if I can remember how the time just flew by during the week.

Saturday evening, we met with Eric & Marisa for their Love Story. It was a quick visit, but we look forward to seeing them again for an extended one, hopefully real soon.

Sunday morning, early, even before church, we went to meet the SB gang for a breakfast birthday celebration for Scott at Esau's Cafe.

Tuesday I had a great lunch with a new friend, Emily, who I met at WPPI in Vegas, and ran into again at church. When we were trying to figure out where to meet for lunch, I told her that I loved sandwiches, and local joints, and we ended up enjoying a really yummy meal at Cantwell's Deli. Emily's originally from outside of Houston, and also went to A&M, so we had plenty of things to talk about. I'm really excited about growing new friendships in my new town once I move.

Wednesday night I got to try out Danielle's super easy Chicken Pot Pie and Peach Cobbler recipes for dinner. We lucked out that Kirsten didn't have basketball practice that night, so she joined us. I must say, that true to Danielle's word, both recipes were totally easy, and so yummy too!!!

Thursday morning, I had the best time with Bethany, but you've already read about her story.

Oh, back to the cobbler....it was SO yummy, in fact, that I made the it again for dessert on Thursday night!!! We got to spend some time with Danielle (my future roomie), DJ and Kyle for dinner company.

Friday I met up with another new friend, Laura (Brett says I have too many Lauras already!!), for coffee and conversation on State Street in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day that we walked for almost an hour before she had to head back to work.

The week flew by......but there is more. We had a fantastic weekend too. Next post. :)

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LB said...

i made the blog! brett needs to shut it. let's not discriminate against Laura's because we're good people. :)