February 8, 2009

A Birthday Story | Delaney

You've met the beautiful Mermis family already, don't you just love them? I sure do!!

Well, Delaney turned ONE today - Happy Birthday Delaney!!! I won't go on too much about that, because I'm sure that Mom, Corey, has already shed a few tears today for that reason.

Last weekend when I was in Houston, Corey asked me if I could get some photos to remember this special occasion, including some with Delaney getting messy with her very own #1 birthday cake. I jumped on the chance to get some more images of this family....and to see Corey and Joshua too!! :)

I love all 4 of you, wonderful Mermis people!! I hope you enjoy Delaney's birthday story. xoxo

As always, enjoy the slideshow too!


Jasmine said...

Oh, friend, your new site and blog are just INSANE!!!!! I am so darn proud of you...your work is stunning and you're so beautiful. Inside and out!

adam @ ShutterSpeedster said...

How cute is that baby! Great job!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Love the frosting on the toesies!!! So adorable! Love how you captured everything!


JakesMom31 said...

I love love love them and I can't wait to print them and put them all over the house! Thank you!