February 6, 2009

Normalness in Texas with Brett

I dropped Brett off at the airport this morning after having him here in Texas with me for a week. It's always wonderful when we get to spend time together, and this week was not any different.

I had plans to be in Houston for a family session (images coming soon, I promise!), so we had him fly into Houston and I picked him up there on Friday night. After hanging out with my parents for a bit, we took off to enjoy some sushi for dinner. I can't find my other camera right now, so I can't post the picture of the boat of sushi we had.....yes, literally, a BOAT of food.

Saturday afternoon, we spent with the Mermis family (pics to come soon too) at the Japanese Gardens for Delaney's birthday cake fun, and later that day with the Moughon family for some pics too! As always, Brett was a super help during both of the shoots.....and I just love having him along with me when I am doing something that I love so much.

That evening, we played some pretty mean games of Rummikub with my Mom and Dad. We ended up bending the rules a little by accident, but enjoyed the game nonetheless. After that, Brett, Mom and I decided to play a game of Scrabble. It turned out to be the most intense, and close, game that I've ever played. The lead literally ended up going back and forth until the very end. The score was affected by the tiles left on the racks!! I won't post who won, but will share some pictures. :)

We enjoyed church at River Point, and the afternoon/evening with Terry and all his friends for his surprise 40th Birthday Party under the guise of a Super Bowl Party. What a game...and a wonderful time with family.

Monday we stopped in to see Taylor, Teacher of the Year, at her school during her lunch break. We got to see her classroom too, but she wouldn't let us stay for a class. Boo! The lesson plan for that day was about sales tax...who couldn't stand to have a few brush up tips on things like that??

After getting back to Austin that night, we went to see Taken at Alamo Drafthouse. I had no idea what the movie was about, but glad to have seen it. For any women that travels a lot- please go see this movie for some additional awareness when traveling.

Tuesday night I learned that Brett doesn't really like surprises....well, if I had waited to actually surprise him, it probably would have been different than me telling him that we were doing something and I wouldn't tell him what it was. He said it was the anxiety of not knowing what we were doing that he just didn't really like. So, I couldn't take it anymore, and during dinner at Hula Hut, I gave him some clues so he'd know where we were headed next, and he guessed it on the first try. I gave him some good clues, but he also was a great guesser!

The concert was The Killers at Frank Erwin Center, and was great. It was fun to do something spur of the moment, and watch Brett bang on the air drums during most of the concert. :)

We had a great rest of the week, cooked dinner, hung out, ran some errands, watched some TV, and just did very normal things. I can't wait for the day that we actually get to live in the same town and do those "normal" types of things whenever we want. :)

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Amy said...

So jealous you got to see the Killers!!! I'm Dancer.

Also nice that you were able to spend a week together :)