February 6, 2009

The Hoy Family Story

I've known Darren and Katie since my band days (yes, I just admitted to anyone who didn't already know it, that I was in band in HS....I played the flute from 4th to 11th grade) at Taylor HS in Katy. Darren found me a few months ago on Facebook, and that was when I first learned of his and Katie's neat love story.

They were friends in HS, but it wasn't until they reconnected at their 10 year reunion that they started to become more than that. Despite that they were both living in Houston at the time, they dated long distance since Katie was working in Rio at the time. The emails, chats, calls turned into Darren asking her to marry him several times before she said yes. The smiles on their faces in several shots were when they were recounting this story to me. Now 6 years later, they have been married for 4 years and have two beautiful children, Alyssa and Jackson.

I met up with the Hoys at Katie's parents home in Montgomery last Friday. I had such a great time chasing the little ones around the yard.....they were so stinking cute. Katie's parents, who recently celebrated their 40th anniversary, were pretty cute too.

Darren - I'm glad you asked me to capture your family story - it's one filled with so much love!! I hope you enjoy what I saw!!

To see more of the Hoy family, watch the slideshow.

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