February 17, 2009

What's been happening?

So, I'm playing catch up....I got to Vegas on Friday morning to be greeted by Autumn and Loralyn - what a way to be picked up at the airport. :) We had some lunch, and then Autie and I had a wonderful girly afternoon filled with pedicures and some shopping.

Saturday was Valentine's Day, and I was so happy to be able to spend it with Brett and his family. In the morning, Brett went to Thomas the Train with Loralyn and Autumn, and then we all met up for an early dinner at Melting Pot.

I'd seen about this place for a long time, but had never been. It was quite an experience, and oh so yummy too!!! We had all three courses.....first one cheese, 2nd one was all the meats, and dessert was lots of goodies dipped in chocolate. Betty and Bruce went to see The Doobie Brothers, while the 4 of us went to see The International. It was a great day filled with lots of love!!


Marisa said...

LOVE the melting pot!! the three courses are definitely the best :)

All About the Arredondos said...

Very nice!!! Yummy!!! Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's day!!

jamiedelaine said...

SO CUTE!! So great to meet you Annemarie, you are the sweetest ever. :)

suzanne said...

It makes my heart so happy to know you! Thank you for your sweet encouragement, it meant more than I could probably explain. We may be crazy in some ways, but we know where our hearts are, and there is nothing better than that :)

Anonymous said...

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