August 7, 2010

One Fine Day Celebration

Picking up where we left off....Emily and I came back to our home away from home and got ready for the rest of the evening.

Before we left for the night, it was the perfect afternoon to hang on the porch, enjoy some of Jeff's home brewed beer, and each other's company. Emily and I stole the bride and groom to be away for a few quick photos.

These two are so timeless. The picture on the left feels like it could be right out of the 40s to me.

Emily and I decided that we'd walk down to Town Hall....and we bumped into some of the groomsmen on the way, sporting their new hats. They took the cameras and we took the fedoras for a few minutes too.

Chagrin Falls is the most quaint, charming town I've ever been to. I loved all the buildings, friendly people, and we actually had pretty decent weather too!

Laura and Ben's families hosted a fantastic party for the wedding guests at the Chagrin Falls Town Hall. Teresa, Ben's mom, and her helpers put together a wonderland of love for the One Fine Day party and celebration. She said to me that she was wanting it to "look like Laura", and I think the mission was accomplished. It was such a fun night and all of the details were amazing!

The room was packed and everyone was smiling all night long!

Since we had walked there....we were walking home too. It was a little bit after 9 and the downtown was lit up so perfectly. The crowd outside the ice cream shop was bustling too!

We can't wait for tomorrow....THE actual One Fine Day.

Congrats to Laura and Benjamin and may you get all the beauty rest and sweet dreams you need tonight!

Be sure to check out the slideshow for more pictures! All of the pictures are a blend of the ones that Emily and I took. I think we make a great team and I can't wait to shoot LB's wedding tomorrow with her! :)


Ruth said...

I wanted to relive the weekend and thanks to you and Emily, I just did!!! Thank you!

AWA said...

That was lovely, Annemarie and Emily. Laura and Ben make a fine couple, indeed.