August 11, 2010

Dinner with Deigs and Kari

When Brian, otherwise known as Deigs, told me that he and Kari were coming into Santa Barbara for a visit....I made him commit to coming over for dinner at our place. Deigs works with me, and used to sit right across from me at the office. Then he went and moved to open up the Dallas office - against my better advice that is. :) Brett and I had just started to get to know both of them when they we wanted to pick up where we had left off. Danielle's other half was out of town for the night, so I insisted that she come join us too!

I was excited to use our new dishes, glasses, and pots and pans to cook up a yummy pasta dinner. I also got to use our new placemats. I got used to using placemats after living with Laura, and now I love them.

Dinner was super. Between the 5 of us, we polished it all off so there were no leftovers. The girls hung out for a bit in the kitchen after dinner, and Danielle and are even more bummed that Kari isn't in SB anymore.

They're coming back to town in November for the SB maybe they'll be up for eating pasta again then. I hear you want to carb load before that kind of run. :)

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