April 3, 2009

Sunset, Spaghetti and Some History


For the last few weeks, Brett has been trying to teach me the ways to be a "California Girl". One of the things that gives you the creds for this label, apparently, is flip flops. Evidently the ones I already have don't fit the bill, so he's been trying to get me to get some new ones to fit in. Whatever. :) Oh, and the other thing......sweatshirts. So, when Brett said "Why don't we go take a walk on the beach", I decided to don the appropriate apparel. Flops and a hooded sweatshirt.

On a side note, I do have to get used to the weather here. I'm used to it being hot when it's hot, and cold when it's cold. Now, those two in Texas could be one day apart....but you pretty much get what you get. Here, it could be cold in the shade (or indoors), and then you get in the sun, and it's real hot. Herein lies the necessity of the sweatshirt, jacket, or fleece.....especially for me since I get cold at anything below 70. It's warm during the day, but as soon as the sun starts to go down, it gets pretty chilly. Oh, I'll get used to it I'm sure. I know you're all thinking "yeah, real tough work, Annemarie".....so I'll stop rubbing it in how beautiful it is here.

Anyways....we took a walk on Butterfly Beach tonight...and hung out until the sun went down. It was a wonderful start to a Friday evening.

After, we stopped by Vons, got stuff to make a yummy spaghetti dinner, and then watched The Other Boleyn Girl. Whoa, times were WAY different back then. I commented at the end, that if we had been shown movies like that in history, I might have actually remembered some of it. :)


Marisa said...

you guys are so cute, and i miss SB so much more when you post photos like this!!! OH and i love that you said "i have a friend who lives there..." when you met laura (isn't she great, btw?) it made my heart smile :)

Julie said...

Yeah, I WAS feeling sorry for you about the tough decisions you probably face when trying to decide what to wear.....until I saw the pictures in this post! ;)

jamiedelaine said...

Mmm so cuteee! I love sweatshirts on the beach; I'm totally a "cold weather" beach kinda gal. I don't like it when it's crowded and hot in the summer. SO glad you're settling into SB well and that you and Brett are finally in the same cityyy! ;)

whitney said...

i recently moved to SB too and I think it's cold here too!! (coming from the hot and humid South!) :) you have a such a cute blog!!!!

Unknown said...

It is so fun to see you both having such a great time and enjoying one another. I hope all is well. We just returned home from Europe with some of our students so we need to try to get together this week. Blessings and way to represent Brett!

DCM Photography said...

You are one hunky couple!