April 16, 2009

Always good times with D&D

Brett and I had some fun with Dave & Dayna on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. They came in after spending some time in Santa Ynez, to hang out with us! Yeah!!

Tuesday night we enjoyed a yummy dinner and wonderful thought provoking conversation at Peabody's, the 4 of us and DJ. Lucky me, I got to eat breakfast with D&D on Wednesday while poor Brett took care of his taxes. Dayna and I walked up and down State Street, and the mission of finding me some true California sandals, Rainbow, was accomplished! It was the last store we went into before meeting up with the boys for lunch at The Daily Grind. Woohoo!! Now I'm legit! :)

We spent a little bit more of the afternoon at the Westmont baseball fields. It was so windy that the power was knocked out (again) so I had a hard time keeping up with the scoring. When we left, the Warriors were down by 3 to Biola. If it hadn't been so windy and chilly we would have stayed longer.

It's always great to see D&D!!! :) Love you guys!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe we lasted as long as we did. It was sooooooo cold!! I don't think I ever warmed up that day. Good times :)
So fun!!