April 5, 2009

Sunday....I wish I had a more creative title!!!


Brett and I met up with Dave and Grady this morning for breakfast at Jeannine's. Dave and I worked together at Dell back when I was in Corporate Sales. We recounted this morning how I taught him everything he knows (ha!!). I hadn't seen him since Grady was born, and because he happens to live less than an hour away, they made a trip up here to see us. It was a great breakfast, and then we headed over to a park for some pics of the two of them. They are coming soon!! So check back to see the cuteness of little Grady!!

I came back home afterwards and hung out for a bit with Danielle. I learned today how to clean the chicken coop, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We only have to do it once a week, so it's really not that bad. Kit (the dog) and Shadow (the cat) are much simpler, and more cuddly too!! I am seriously loving having Kit around - he's so cute! He's a 3 legged border collie....and you'd fall in love with him too! Trust me! I may just have to have a photo shoot with him too!!

For the next few months, Reality is having a night service to alleviate some of the crowding at the earlier two, and so we've been really enjoying the night service. Britt (the pastor) was back tonight, and he was on fire. I really do love hearing, watching and learning from him. Next Sunday is Easter service and it's outdoors at the local HS. We're expecting over 1000 people, and I'm really looking forward to the celebration!! Woohoo!!

After church, we were hungry. Since we start at 6 and get out at 8, there isn't really a good time to chow until afterwards...but it makes for a great time of fellowship together. We went to Los Arroyos (heehee...it's so good that I didn't even mind it being my 2nd time in a week) and had a fabulous time! Since I'm really missing my girlfriends right now, it's wonderful to be able to meet and spend time with such amazing people here in Santa Barbara.

Not everyone knew of my ability to capture large groups in self portraits (thank you wide angle lens Canon P&S), so I wowed the crowd when I nailed it on the first shot. (Disregard the blurriness...at least we are all in the pic!).

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Shyla said...

THAT IS OFFICIALLY NOT FAIR! A gazillion of my fav people in one place?!
Danielle, Vanessa, Jasmine and JD, DJ, you and B-man... Then there's Josh... Man, I feel officially sad now.