April 6, 2009

A Daddy Story | Dave & Grady

So, I already told the story of how I know Dave, and that he and Grady came to Santa Barbara yesterday to meet us for breakfast....so, here is the good stuff.

We went to the park and found a few good spots. It's so neat to see Dave in a different light, as a great and loving father to Grady. The little man was a champ, and was up for whatever we wanted to do....he even climbed a tree!! Well...not really, but give him a few years, and I'm sure he will be.

Dave...thanks again for coming up here to see us! It was so wonderful to meet Grady, and see you again. I hope you love your story!!!

For more of Grady and his cute cheeks, check out the slideshow.


Kylie Anne Griffy said...

Anne Marie, you did a wonderful job on these photos...it's not often you can capture the relationship of father and son on camera...awesome!

Unknown said...

Awe...my heart hurts! I just love my little meatball! You did such a great job with those pictures!!! Would you mind sending me the pics and the slideshow? Or does David have them? I know my parents would LOVE to see all of this. :)