May 1, 2009

Moving Day....again.....and another surprise!

Yiippee!!! Today I moved into my new place!!! Laura, Danielle and I found an amazing little spot on the Mesa. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, about a mile from the beach.

Kyle and Brett were totally manly men and moved all of my furniture and boxes from Brett's garage to the new place all day on Friday. We discovered that there is a Super Cucos right around the corner from the new place, so I treated the boys to lunch there, and Laura came to join us as well. Emily filled up her trunk with a load from Brett's and helped out too. Brett and I moved the last trip in the early evening.

After one of the trips back to the house, there was a delivery waiting there. My mom sent me flowers again! These were even more beautiful than the last one!! Thank you Mom!!!

Laura came back over to hang out after she got off work, and put the kitchen away. Woohoo...trying to figure out where to put things in the kitchen stresses me out.....and since she'll probably be doing most of the cooking, it made sense for her to put things where she likes them. (Laura won't be the ONLY one cooking.....she's just better and more creative at it than either me or Danielle).

Brett helped to get most of the major things setup. He actually helped make some major design decisions too on where things should go....even though I fought him on it, they ended up being the right decisions. Who knew that Brett had an interior design bone in his body? Kyle came back over to hang out, and he and Brett got the TV setup, and were able to put in a movie.

Around 10, Brett said he was getting hungry. I had to stall him, because I had another birthday surprise for him planned. I went into the bathroom to call and see how far away they were.....and dawdled for another few minutes while they were pulling into the neighborhood. About 5 minutes later, there were knocks on the back door, and Brett's Mom, sister, brother-in-law, and niece were all there to surprise him!! We'd been scheming for over a month for them to come in for the weekend to celebrate! He had NO clue, and was totally shocked!!! :)

We hung out for a little bit before retiring to bed for a fun filled weekend!!

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Marisa said...

SO CUTE!! i love loralyn's little sign :) you really are the bestest girlfriend ever...i hope brett knows how lucky he is!!