May 14, 2009

The weeks are flying by TOOO fast!!

This week kind of went by really fast. On Monday I went to Goleta to officially sign my offer letter for AppFolio. I start work on June 1st, and I'm really excited! I'll be a Sales Executive and will be selling the product, Property Manager. It's a web based application for property managers to do their day to day activities regarding properties, owners, tenants, as well as accounting tasks. The team that I'll be working with is really amazing, and I'm happy to be joining them. BUt....I'm going to try to maximize my last few weeks of not working while I can.

We had our last Home Group meeting on Tuesday night. I'm really bummed that it's over, it's been really great to get to know the people that we meet with over the last 12 weeks, BUT, we're going to have a BBQ in a few weeks that will be our proper send off.

I'm sure that I got things done on Wednesday and Thursday, but at this point, I can't really remember what they were.

For Thursday night, I invited over two fun couples that I'd met, and wanted to spend more time with, in SB. I met Whitney and Mike when I took their pictures, and they joined us for Brett's birthday party a few weeks back. I met Christi at the Grapevine evening, and again at one of our girl's dinner nights. Both couples are newlyweds, and newer to SB, and all awesome I invited them all over for dinner on Thursday night.

Christi and Jaimeson brought some greens, Whitney and Mike brought some wine, and we had chicken pot pie and peach cobbler. We pulled out the butterfly leaf, and all sat around the big square table. We polished off both pies, and all the peach cobbler.

During dinner, we stumbled across the funny fact that all three girls LOATHE bananas!!! The boys were shocked, and all thought that they were each the only one with a lady so strange. HA!! We don't really like strawberries either. I was glad to be in the company of others that have the same distaste as I do, and to know that I'm not alone!!!

We had other great conversations around dinner, and then retired to the living room for some more chatter before calling it a night. I had a great time with my new friends and can't wait until we can all get together again soon!!

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