May 4, 2009

California, California, you know I love you, California....

When the girls came over for dinner last month, we sat around the computer and starting listening to music, and each one of us got excited about an artist, we went to check out their site online, and fell more in love with the art of music! One of the artists that we looked up that night was Joey Ryan, per Emily's suggestion. She'd just seen him and knew that we'd love him too. Be sure to check out his music and tell your friends too!

Well, she was right. The first song that she had us listen to was California. I don't think that I'll ever forget the first time I heard this song. It was a great night with new friends but felt like home already....then this song came on. All cheery, happy, fun, upbeat, and it hit home is now in California....and I love it.

So, last week when Laura found that Joey Ryan was playing a show in Ventura tonight, she shared her find, and we were all on board!! Woohoo!! Laura, Emily, Amy, Jeff, Vanessa and I got on the road to Ventura this evening.

One thing about SB is that there isn't a Target in this town. So....since we were heading to Ventura, a Target run was in the plan too!! We made a quick trip there to pick up some essentials, and then headed into downtown Ventura to find Zoey's.

Side CUTE is Ventura?? The downtown was lined with all sorts of restaurants and shops.....we'll definitely be going back!!

Joey Ryan is an amazing singer and songwriter. His voice is mesmerizing. I want him to write more songs. The adorable Zoey's was an intimate room with red velvet curtains, and small tables setup for sitting and dining. It was small enough that we got to chatting with JR after his show, and he did a great job of entertaining his new fans. :) He was all up for the self portrait shot too! Fun! :)

The outside of Zoey's courtyard was so cute that we had a stranger take this shot of us on our way out.

What a fun night with friends in Ventura with awesome music!! Join us next time....we might very well be headed back there in about 2 weeks for another show!!


LB said...

joey ryan joey ryan you know i love you you know i love you

Emily S Crawford said...

Ahhhhh, my heart. Just like a cloak, I'll wear his cd out. :) ha ha, lol!

Autie said...

I had a listen. I like the songs and his voice!! Nebraska made me think of some good friends of ours. Thanks for sharing.

kennykimdotcom said...

sounds like you are enjoying yourself out there. Good for you AP! Congrats on your job also!

Amy Nave said...

What a wonderful night! So thankful to have you all in my life:)