May 26, 2009

To Houston....just for a bit!

The day after my poor sister had to sit grounded in LAX for over 8 hours, I took the same flight to Houston. I went back to TX today in order to see my family, and get Molly to bring her back to SB.

Lucky for me, my flight left right on time, and I got to Houston as planned. Corey picked me up at the airport so we could spend a little time together. We went back to her place and got Jake and Delaney, and went for a late lunch at Lupe Tortilla. I had forgotten how good the tortillas there were, but sharing them with the Mermis clan was even more of a special treat.

The nice thing about this location, is that there is a large sandbox playground for the kids to play. After we finished our food, I wanted to take off my flops and hop in there with them. Delaney loved the slides....she'd go down, and immediatley say "again!". Jake loved the truck, and was all over the sandpit. I loved how red his little cheeks got. I tell you, it's even hotter than I remember in Houston!!

We met my Mom in Sugar Land to go back to their house. My Mom and I played a pretty intense game of Scrabble. She took me by 40 points. Not surprising!!

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