May 23, 2009

Touring Taylor around Santa Barbara - Day I

After sleeping in a bit, we started the full day of showing Taylor around SB. First stop was Jeannine's in Montecito for a little breakfast. I think she really liked the venue, and her yummy burrito.

We then headed out to Carpinteria to Ballard Avenue. This is where we shot Laura's pictures, and it's such a beautiful spot, that we had to share it with Taylor too! The huge fields, ocean view, awesome trees, and flowers were all worth the trip.

I had heard that we could walk from there to see the seals in Carp, so we explored along the water's edge, and did end up finding them. There were quite a few out that day, and they were much more playful than when we saw them about 6 months ago. There were even some really cute baby seals that we all got a kick out of too!

On the way back to the car, we had some more fun in the fields!

Next on our stop was the Mission to see the I Madonnari festival. I hadn't ever heard of this, or seen it either, so it was a treat for me as well. Before we went over to see all the sidewalk art, we had to make a stop and smell, and admire, the roses.

The I Madonnari was amazing. It was neat to see all the different people that had entered....from kids, to families, to schools, to real artists. They were ALL astonishing!! Brett and I enjoyed a snowcone from one of the vendor booths, and we liked this door so much that we had Taylor pose. :)

I wanted to show Taylor where Brett lived, so we stopped at his place. When we were in the garage, Taylor saw that he had some sidewalk chalk, so we had our own little I Madonnari at the well as some silly fun with our big muscles. Taylor definitely has me beat at the gun show - ha!!

It then hit us that walking around in the sunny afternoon worked up an appetite, but it was getting close to dinner, so we made another stop at a local favorite to tide us over until our next full meal - Blenders!!!

Still with me? The day's not over yet!! We headed back to my house and got ready for our night time activities. We decided to dine at Los Arroyos, and proceeded to stuff ourselves silly!! Brett went home, I think we pooped him out, while Taylor and I caught a late showing of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past at Paseo Nuevo.

Had such a great Saturday around SB with Taylor!! We came home and turned in for another fun day tomorrow!!


Emily S Crawford said...

How fun! So glad I got to meet and hang out with Taylor for a bit... :) And wow...her eyes outrageously blue! eye like them a lot.

Marisa said...

man your posts with sb local stuff just makes me MISS that place!! :(

and you too of course. that gets a double frown :( :(