May 24, 2009

Taylor SB Tour Day II

After morning service at Reality, we rallied some of the troops and had a picnic at the park. The sun barely came out at the end of our time, but the company and the yummy snacks still made the trip out there worth it.

We made another trip through the crowds at the Mission to see the updates on the I Madonnari artists. No new pictures, but it was still so cool!!! On the way back to the truck, Taylor spotted this humongous tree and had to jump up in it!! It's enormous!!

We borrowed Emily's cruiser, and headed out on a bike ride to round out our SB activities. We chose a new path, and this time went towards the ocean over near my new neighborhood. We first found this neat stairway heading down towards the water. The view from the top, and as well on the way down the stairs, was amazing.

Casper Jones made the trek with us too....and I think he enjoyed the ocean as well!

Gotta JUMP!!!

On the way up, we decided to count how many stairs there were. We all counted to ourselves, and at the top, compared our tallies. I was up first, and my count was 233. Brett was behind me with 241. I was confused...I mean, there was no way that I messed up simple counting. Did I? When Taylor reached the top, she also had 141. Doh!!! I think that I got a little messed up when I tried to get fancy on my method...and admitted that I was probably incorrect!! :)

We made it to Shoreline Drive and took it all the way down to the park. There was the slightest bit of a downhill on the way there, which made the trip there pretty simple. On the way back home....well, that was a different story. I'm not sure how Taylor made it on the cruiser...I barely did, and I had gears!!!

We were all quite pooped from our almost 2 hour bike tour, so we made it an indoor night with pizza from Giovanni's. It was so tasty!! Emily and Jeff came to join us and we watched Yes, Man! It was a great way to end Taylor's trip to SB!!

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JakesMom31 said...

Wait, you rode a BICYCLE up and down all those steps? How the frick did you do that?