May 2, 2009

Saturday around SB with the Bollman clan...with one last surprise! :)

One of the fun things at the house is a swing in the backyard!! It's right next to the waterfall and pond filled with fishies too!! Both of these were a big hit to Loralyn. She had a great time on the swing, and when I asked her to count the number of fishes, her response was "Whoa, there's too many!".

Uncle Brett came over to join us, and after eating some lunch, he opened some more birthday presents. Loralyn was really pretty cute running around with my hat on, saying "Eeehaw". She missed the H, and it was adorable.

I had one last surprise in store for of his other neices, Brittany, drove into SB from San Diego with Drew. They joined us in the early afternoon, and then we all went for a trolley bike ride down on the beach.

This contraption was rather interesting, to say the least. It fit all 7 adults, and Loralyn in the front basket. :) We went down to the zoo, and back, and managed to not run anyone off the road. Fun times!

After the bike ride, we were a little hungry, so it was time for a Blenders run. Yummm...that place is so good, and was the perfect afternoon snack for a little drive around SB. We went up to Brett's house, and played two rounds of SceneIt on the Xbox.

We all enjoyed a really yummy dinner at Los Arroyos before Brit and Drew took off for home. The rest of us watched Wall-E on the couches and then called it a night!! :)

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Autie said...

Such a fun day! Great company, great weather, great food...great plan!! Loved spending the weekend with the two of you!!