May 18, 2009

A Mommy & Puppy Story | Linda & Delyla

Brett's sister, Autumn, told me a while ago that her friend Linda wanted me to take pictures of her and her dog, Delyla. When I knew that we were going in Vegas for a few days, I knew that I had to arrange to do just this!! Linda and I traded emails, and got it all setup. We met at Loralyn's birthday party the day before, and I could tell that she was excited!

When I met was evident how much she was loved by her Mom. Dogs aren't only Man's Best Friend.....they can also be a Woman's BFF too! I was so glad that Linda suggested that we come to her house for our shoot....the backyard was gorgeous, and had so many different fun places to explore.

Delyla was such a champ...she was up for anything....including swinging on the hammock and jumping on the trampoline!! Linda, I had such a fun time with you and D. It took me so long to pick my favorites....I hope you find them as much fun as I did!!


Emily S Crawford said...

just love these!!

Anonymous said...

Is that a puggle? Soooo cute!


Autie said...

I love L & D, and these are just great pics of them! Thanks AP!!

DCM Photography said...

Thats pretty freakin cute!! The blonde that is.... ;)