May 30, 2009

It's been a good run, Crystal!

I've only met and known Crystal for a short time now, but when her roommates sent out an invite for her themed birthday/going away party....I said "Sure, I want to come!".

I've never been one big on dressing up with themes. I don't look forward to's too stressful trying to figure out who to be, or what to wear, that I just end up not playing. Ugh...I know, I'm a party pooper. But...I did throw on work out clothes to join in on the fun for the party.

We played a very loose game of baseball for a bit, and then decided to play Four Square in the driveway. I don't really remember ever playing this game as a child, which might explain my lack of playing very well AT ALL. But, I had fun nonetheless. I even made it to the "King Square" one time....I'm sure it was due to other's mistakes, and not my superior abilities. :)

After the party, we went to visit Kirsten. She's going to be one busy woman this summer with recruiting, visiting Alex, traveling, we took the chance to hang out with her at her place. After hanging out for a bit, they thought it was a good idea to play a game that I'd heard a lot about....Settlers of Catan. Anyone else heard of this game???

It's evidently pretty I agreed to play. Supposedly Kirsten wins everytime, so I was even more up for playing a game that someone (not me) could beat Brett....haha!! I think I kind of caught on, but will do better next time. Kirsten did win....and if it even counts, I did have the 2nd most points at the end of the game. It's a lot of strategy, which isn't my strong suit, but we'll see how I fare next time!! :)

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All Things BD said...

I HAVE heard of this game, and we even OWN it! We're huge gamers here, and we even go to game conventions in L.A. and in Indianapolis. :)