May 22, 2009


We got back to Santa Barbara after spending some time in Vegas, and tried to get settled back into the swing of things at home. The fires were settling down...but Brett's house was still a war zone because of some painting that was going on.

So, when today finally marked Friday....we were glad it was the start of the holiday weekend, and a day of a few fun filled things. The first fun thing being that we were finally going to the concert that we'd bought tickets for over 2 months ago...Flight of the Conchords at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It was a good thing that Brett told me, on my way out the door, that the venue was an outdoor one, so I could go back in and grab my sweatshirt!! I would have froze!!!

Brett, Scott and I enjoyed dinner first at Sal's Pizzeria.....that was because the line at the place that we were supposed to meet the rest of the folks at was too long....but I think we lucked out. The pizza was good, and it was a nice short walk to the venue afterwards.

I hadn't seen too many of the FotC songs played out before, but they were definitely worth a few laughs. Puddy from Seinfeld was sitting in the row in front of us, and a few times I glanced over to see if he thought the show was as amusing as everyone else did. Brett was in stitches, which I think is more fun for me than any show. I love to hear him laugh!

After the show was over, Brett and I headed to Emily's house. The reason that we went over there was because she had been so sweet as to pick up Taylor from the airport while we were still at the concert! Yes, tonight my first official visitor has come to visit me in my new hometown!!

After picking her up, we realized that we were all a little bit hungry, so first stop on the SB tour - In N Out. This also marks Taylor's first return to California since 3rd grade when we took a family vacation to San Diego, so she hadn't experienced this local delight. Well, she liked it....and ate it all up!!

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All Things BD said...

LOVE Flight of the Conchords! "It's business time!"

Mmm, In N Out. We definitely need one here in Austin.