May 8, 2009

Fireflight and Switchfoot

Our planned trip ended up being just the right thing for us to get out of town. We'd all spent the last few days glued to the TV watching the coverage of the fires. There wasn't much we could do in town besides that, and house some of the fire evacuees. The air quality was very smokey, and full of ash, so Brett, Kyle, and I packed up Friday afternoon and headed out of town.

The first stop on the trip was Fox Theater in Visalia for the Fireflight and Switchfoot concert. We met up with Kyle's brother Ryan, and cousin Adam at the show. Brett discovered Fireflight earlier this year and I think that I have listened to their album at least 30 times since then....I really love their music, the songs, and that the bass player is a girl. I wouldn't say that I'd cut or color my hair like any of the band members, but I truly enjoyed their performance. They were really great live in the theater, and you could tell that they really love using music as ministry.

Switchfoot has been around a lot longer, and has a ton of songs....a lot of them that I know that I haven't heard yet, but whoa....they really rocked. The show was so great. The bass player, once again, and always, was my favorite. One of these days I'm going to learn how to play (ha!). Their songs are wonderful, the performance was superb, and the crowd loved every bit of it all. I'm more of a fan now than I was going into the show.

Fireflight rocking in on stage.


Jon Foreman came out into the crowd and stood on the back of some chairs and sang a few verses to us. It was pretty spectacular. All of the cameras came out for this moment.

After the show we retired to Kyle's parent's home in Woodlake....just a few miles away. We had the yummiest tacos and burritos from Super Taco, a local favorite. We hung out and chatted up with the Bakers, looked at baby pictures of Kyle (awwww), and dodged being tagged with the numerous flying objects that were being thrown around the house by the boys, before turning in for the night.

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Kyleegirl2 said...

LOVE fireflight! And I've always known switchfoot's songs, but i just started seriously listening to them - oh, I'm kylee...I found your blog and it makes me smile, hope you don't mind!