April 23, 2009

Early Celebrating with DJ at none other than Sakana

DJ is headed out of town and won't be here to witness his good buddy, Brett, turn the big 3-0 next week, so we went to one of DJ's favorite spots for a little dinner and conversation - Sakana.

I've heard so much about this sushi restaurant....but oh my goodness...it totally blew away any expectation I even thought I had in my mind. It's such a different kind of sushi....not your typical rolls. It was more of a food/meal in each roll, than your normal sushi.....and was so good. I hope that I can enjoy sushi at your run of the mill place next time I go! It was so different...and OH so delicious!!

We had a few press box rolls, and seriously...I can't even explain how yummy these were. This is definitly one of the spots that I'll be bringing friends when they come to visit me.

Thank you again DJ for a great night of company, reflection, conversation and celebration. Enjoy Russia!! We'll miss you, but can't wait to hear what adventures of compassion and sharing love, that you're sure to have when you return.

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