April 19, 2009

Beach BBQ....California Style!!!

The plan for today was to have a BBQ at Summerland Beach. Yay - more time on the beach! At 10 this morning it was already 70 degrees, so I knew it was going to be a warm day!!!

Brett and I picked up some hot dogs and went to meet everyone. Now when I think BBQ, especially at the beach, I'm thinking simple, easy food. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong in my thinking. Jeff was in full swing, and the grill was like his kitchen. It didn't matter that he was cooking at the beach, this was much more than the BBQ that I was used to.

There was sausage, fruit, chips, salad, veggie burritos (soooo good by the way), and fancy turkey burgers. I threw the dogs on the grill anyways, although there was more than enough food to feed those of us that were there.

I learned today that Emily likes to drink sweet pickle juice.....and will right out of the jar. She actually finished it all too!!

For the veggie burritos.....grill squash, zucchini and asparagus drizzled with olive oil. Add roma tomatoes and feta cheese and wrap it in a tortilla. Seriously...so yummy!!!

I didn't, because I am terrible.....but some of the folks played beach volleyball.

Brett, Laura and I set a timer, and got exactly 40 minutes of time on the sand in the sun. Just perfect!! Today was another wonderful day. I thank God everyday for the circle of friends here in SB. I'm so lucky!

After church tonight, we watched Marley & Me. I had heard everyone say that you'll cry. They were all right.

Tomorrow I am spending the entire day job searching. Wish me luck!!


Marisa said...

seriously...you're gonna have to stop posting all these great beach pictures :(. they are making me homesick!!

Emily S Crawford said...

You are my blog hero. ha! I just love you! What a fun weekend.

Good luck with the job searching today... Try to find one of those jobs where you make your own hours :)

j. shipley said...

i just love that plc of emily and the pickle juice. so funny.

JakesMom31 said...

As soon as I get my backyard with a grill I am making those veggie burritos! Yummy!! Looks like a fun day in the sun!