September 2, 2009

TX in September - Day 1 - Houston with Lora

Since I'm not going to be able to make it back to TX for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I took the chance to take a little vacation from work and head back to TX to visit with my family and friends.

Brett and I headed to the airport this morning super duper early....thank you AGAIN to Emily for getting up early and taking us. We left SB at 6am and first stop was in Denver. Despite getting up early, we were still bright eyed and bushy tailed during our layover.

We made it to Houston right on time at 2pm. Smiling Lora picked us up at the airport so we could see and spend some time with her before she took off for her own travel adventure the next day.

We had a late lunch at Niko Niko and caught up. We stuffed ourselves on some yummy Greek food and then headed over towards the Galleria area.

Formerly the Transco Tower (or at least that is what it was back when I was in HS), now the Williams Tower, is still a fun touristy spot in downtown Houston. Brett got an absolute kick out of the water tower. I remember visiting this in HS with Erika and a few of her friends and we took pictures. Ah, that was SOOOO long ago.

I hadn't ever leaned back to see what it looked like upside down was the first thing that Lora had us both do. So cool!!!! The view of the water, and the way it falls...super cool!!!

For those of you that haven't seen this water fountain in the super short video clip below that Brett filmed. It's quite obvious that he was the one filming too. :)

We tried to get to the top of the Williams Tower, which Lora informed us is the tallest skyscraper that isn't in a downtown, but the observation deck was closed after 9/11. So, instead, we tried to get up to the highest floor that would allow us to look down. It seems that floor 51 is the only one that isn't completely having you walk straight into offices as you get off the elevator. On those floors it was a tad awkward to even get out!! Oops!!

We walked around a bit longer with Lora before my Mom came to meet us. It was wonderful to be able to visit with Lora, even for a little bit, while in Houston. Wish we could have stayed time!!! It's now her turn to make it out to SB! :)

My Mom took us back to Katy where we sat and chilled for a bit waiting for my Dad to return from his 22 hours of traveling back to the US from Dubai. We visited for a bit before Brett and I got on the road to Austin for a busy Thursday packed with lots of loved ones!!

It's good to be in TX to see everyone. I'm even more stoked that it's not nearly as hot as I was preparing it to be!! The "cold front" has been such a delight!!!

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