September 20, 2009

Another doctor, Sucrets and KFC

Brett and I went to another quick care this morning. This one actually admitted that I had a sore throat, gave me some meds and sent me on my way. Here's to hoping that they knock out what is ailing me!!!

We had plans to meet up with everyone at Gigi's for lunch. There was people, food and fun!! We chowed on KFC. I got some Sucrets and was able to actually eat. I mean....I ATE!! I ate until it started to hurt, which was wonderful!! :)

I took a few cute pics of Taysha's new haircut for Gigi to see. She's such a cute puppy!!

Joey and Loralyn had a lot of fun chasing each other around.

The whole gang!! It was great to get to meet Kate, Steve and Joey and for all of us to spend some time with Gigi. I can't believe that we ALL had our eyes open and were looking at the camera. This is a great shot!!

Today was a really nice day. We came back to the house and Brett did another Mac learning session for Betty. Got a late start out of Vegas but was a great weekend. Already feeling better, and can't wait to get back to 100%%

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Unknown said...

hi annamarie, this is kates mom, chris...have not met yet, but have tried to know you some from the web site..never the real thing but will have to do for now. love the pictures, and wondering if i can get a copy of the family one and melva with joey. thanks so much, god bless