September 6, 2009

Pancakes, Pool and Astros!

Another early morning...who said you get to sleep in on vacation?? Brett and I went to spend the day with the Waldorf clan in Sugar Land.

Aedin and Dylin helped Brett and me make pancakes. Brett did a really great job of making some Mickey & Minnie Mouse shaped pancakes, while the girls put in the blueberries and helped do some of the flipping too!! It was a fun morning in the kitchen. We managed to not get mix and syrup everywhere...even some made it into our bellies too!!

We rode bikes around in the street for a bit....everyone had to wear their helmets. Doesn't Olsin look adorable in his? Aedin and Dylin went to the park with Brett and me just for a little bit, before we decided that it was too hot and we had to go to the pool instead.

We all played at the pool for a wasn't that hot in TX so the water was actually nice!!! We jumped on the diving board, and I'm still amazed at how well Olsin was swimming all over the place. Colin was with us too, but I didn't get any other pictures. We were too busy playing instead!!!

Erika shared this wonderful picture with me of all the kids. I just love it! I'm going to get it printed and put it in one of the empty frames in my room (someday)!! Such adorable kids - all of them!!! Gavin was in Austin with Terry for a soccer game, so we missed them this time. Guess they'll have to come to SB too!! Got lots of potential visitors lined up!! :)

After a really fun and long day in Sugar Land with the Waldorf clan, Brett and I went to meet my parents at the Astros game. They were playing the Phillies for the 2nd time this weekend. I've learned to enjoy baseball, and I was really watching the game.

We had a ball game hot dog - complete with ketchup, onion and relish! Yummm!!!

Of course we had to get some cotton candy too! :)

Mom and Dad left a little bit early.....too bad they didn't stay because the last inning of the game was fantastic! The Astros were behind one run...and to make a long story short....came back with an out of the ballpark home run which left them one ahead....winning 5-4!!

We got back home and had to spend some time with Clyde before calling it a night. I think he's missing Molly since she moved to CA. He's such a sweet cat, and I love his high pitched meows.

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