September 18, 2009

Update....and now we're in Vegas!

My throat is still hurting. A LOT. And it's super aggravating. The doctor in SB didn't help too much, except for telling me not to talk as much as possible. I rescheduled my demo at work from Friday to Monday, thankfully, and I didn't speak as much as possible at work.

I accidentally found out that root beer helped sooth my throat last on Thursday night and so I got myself 2 of them and drank them at work yesterday. I couldn't enjoy any of the free lunch at work....and drinking that much carbonated beverage without any food isn't a very good idea. But anyways....we drove to Las Vegas last night after work. I drove the first half, drinking down another root beer....making my tummy rumble even more. Doh!!

We made a super quick pit stop, and I managed to struggle through some food. Seriously, I will never take swallowing without pain for granted again!!

We pulled into Brett's parent's house last night at around 10, and found Loralyn waiting up for us. She learned that her Uncle Brett was coming in and wanted to stay up for his arrival. This made Brett smile REAL big. :)

This morning we got up, did a little shopping around Town Centre in Vegas. Mom and Ma did some shopping for Loralyn while Brett, Pa, Loralyn and I played at the playground. Then Betty and Bruce bought themselves a shiny new Mac!! Yippee!!! One more down!! :)

We ate a little lunch and then went to hang out with Gigi. Brett, Autumn and I played an exciting game of Aggravation with Gigi. This was the first time that I'd ever played this game...and I got to be the yellow marbles.

We played a pretty intense game.....there was a LOT of sending each other's marbles back to home. Brett and Autumn were pretty ruthless....BUT.....I ended up sneaking into winning. Not really sure how that happened...must have slipped under the radar between the siblings. :) It was a great afternoon hanging out with Gigi.

We grabbed a bite to eat...I felt like a little kid.....I ordered mac and cheese and mashed potatoes....since it was the only thing I thought I could eat without it hurting. Turned out that the potatoes didn't feel so the mac and cheese it was!! We got Kate, Steve and Joey from the airport before calling it a night!!

Oh, is how pathetic I felt being stuck with my sore throat. I cannot WAIT for this to get better!! I've tried gargling with salt water, more throat spray than I should, cough drops, advil, etc. Think we're going to visit another doctor tomorrow!

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All Things BD said...

Sore throats are the pits!

I used to play Aggravation with my Grandmother every time we visited her growing up. It's such a great childhood memory. That board you were playing with was old school!