September 7, 2009

When flight delays work out to your advantage....

This RARELY happens....but....

Brett got a voicemail from United on Sunday night. He had at first dismissed it because he said, it's probably just them calling to let us know about our 6am flight. I asked him to check it, and it's a good thing he did.

Our flight was delayed. Bummer!!! That delay would make us miss our two connections. We were supposed to go through Denver to LA to Santa Barbara, and get in at noon.

We found another flight option through San Francisco, and were able to get on that one instead.

So, we left an hour later than planned around 7am. We landed in SF at a little after 9am, and were going to have to wait 2.5 hours for our connection to SBA...BUT....there was a flight leaving at 930am that we were able to get on, and so we landed in SB at 1030am instead!!

We left one hour later than planned.....
took only two planes instead of three....
and landed 1.5 hours earlier than planned.

That rocks!!

So, we're back in SB and it's nice to be home. Spent the afternoon at a BBQ at the Shinns and had a nice time just relaxing. Looking forward to a super short work week!!

Happy Labor Day!

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