September 27, 2009

Sunday Fun Day

Today was a great day....overall. Starting from the the end.

Laura and I met up with Brett at the Montecito shopping area to carpool...which means that I went in and got myself a decaf white mocha - yum, yum!!

Church today was amazing. Britt came into church this morning and preached to the 8am service. They recorded it for the rest of us, and it was just the most lifting and encouraging message. Britt and his family have had the hardest week of their lives...but the Holy Spirit in them, the faith and trust in's the most amazing thing to see, hear and be part of each and every day. If you have 40 minutes, watch this. You have to, you need to, make 40 minutes available in your won't be sorry.

Afterwards, Brett and I grabbed a sandwich and went to meet up with a few folks at the dog park for a picnic! It was great to see everyone, hang out and enjoy the water. We saw a few dolphins, took a few pictures, and enjoyed each other's company! I got to play a bit with Josh's camera...complete with his new 50mm 1.2. Nice!!!

So....after lunch, when I got back home...I put on the lens that I rented for my trip to Texas this coming weekend. Ahhh.....that 50mm 1.2 IS so lovely!!!

LB suggested that I get a shot of the one white Cosmo flower in her garden. Pretty.

One of Molly's new places to sit is under the TV, next to the speaker. I'm not sure what made her decide that this was a good place to hang out, but she loves it. And, of course, she always loves hanging out on Brett. ;)

The folks from lunch were going wine tasting. I haven't done this in SB, and so I wanted to check it out. Laura and I met up with everyone right as they were leaving Oreana, but not before we went in and took a whiff of the fermenting grapes. They were so pungent and putting out heat weird but cool to be able to see.

We walked ovre to Kalyra and I had my first wine tasting in SB. I wasn't that fond of any of them really, but I had a great time with all my fun friends. I just love this picture....everyone laughing....that's about how the afternoon went. Good times!!!

I love all the neat doors around SB. So glad that everyone entertained me and had some fun with the door!!

Good times. Great friends. Love them!!

We walked down State to Chipolte and all 8 of us crowded into a booth and stuffed ourselves silly.

See....didn't I tell absolutely wonderful day from start to finish. I'm a happy girl.

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