September 10, 2009

More Mermis Family Story

Well....I haven't finished blogging the rest of the week and weekend from my time in Texas yet....BUT....since it's officially now Corey's birthday (it's past midnight in TX on the 11th), I thought I'd go ahead and post the pics for her so she can see them when she wakes up on her day!! Happy Birthday Corey!!

We had a super mini session with Jake and Delaney after hanging out with the Mermis family on Sunday afternoon. We toured their new house, ate some snacks and played in the pool. The kids had a little bit of energy left in them, so before it started raining, Corey put them in some cute clothes, and we took a stroll around the greenbelt area of their new neighborhood. They are walking distance from this wonderful forest!!

I love hanging out with Corey, Joshua and the kiddos......they are amazing friends and I'm so glad that we got to hang out with them for a little bit while we were in town!! Your turn to come visit us now!! Love all of you guys!!

For a few more from our mini session, watch the slideshow.

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Anne Adams said...

Happy Birthday, Corey! Jake and Delaney are so cute. Love those eyes.