September 18, 2009

Silent Annemarie

You haven't heard much out of me this week on my blog, or in person. My throat started to hurt on Monday, I was at work complete with Chloraseptic throat spray, OJ and soup.

It didn't get any better on Tuesday. I worked from home that day as to not spread whatever was ailing me to my coworkers. My voice was kind of wrecked and my throat wasn't feeling any better. Every minute that was I wasn't awake and working, I was sleeping.

Wednesday, I went in for a 2.5 hour demo....which REALLY trashed my throat, but it had to be done. I worked from home after that.

Yesterday I went into work....thought my throat was finally feeling better. I had about 4 teas during the day, but after 2 demos....again, I was in the same spot as the day before.

Finally, last night.....after nothing seeming to work, Brett came over and took me to the Emergency Care place. The doctor (as I was told by the nurse) was new to the clinic, been there about 12 hours, and she didn't even know how to pronounce his name yet.....well, he looked at my throat, did a culture test, checked out my ears (which weren't not completed convinced that he knew how to use that piece of equipment) and said that there wasn't anything wrong with me.

That's always good news when you leave a doctor office....BUT, I was hoping for an explanation to the reason why I've been in such pain this week. He said to not talk as much as possible ( am I supposed to do that in sales?? silent demos??) and get rest.

So, while we were waiting, I had some fun with my phone camera. :)

Silent Annemarie.

Brett has been amazing this week....bringing me food and taking care of me. It's super hard to eat anything because swallowing is so painful, but he's been telling me that I HAVE to eat.


jamiedelaine said...

you and Brett are so cute. i love reading about your life. ;)

Mom said...

Hope you feel better for your trip this weekend. Seems like you're doing everything right. Remember to stay away from dairy products.