September 22, 2009

Pray for Daisy Love and Walker Rainey

Last night, updates were coming in all over Facebook about Daisy. She's the daughter of our pastor, Britt Merrick. She had a fall at school, which resulted in some pain that took her to the doctor for some tests. They originally thought that her kidney had ruptured, but then found a tumor in her belly.

There have been more updates since then, and they are posted here. If you are a believer in the power or prayer, please pray for Daisy.

I also want to share another story that has touched my heart recently. This is a friend of a friend of a friend's little 7 month old boy. This little guy also needs our prayers.


Julie said...

Annemarie, I'll definitely start praying for Daisy. And what a small world, my bible study group is already praying for Walker. Not sure the exact connection but our old neighbor Karen is related in some way to his parents, I think.

Autie said...

Glad to hear through our prayer chain that Daisy's surgery went well.