September 4, 2009

Friday = Family Fun Day

We drove back to Houston this morning after a great day in Austin. Mom had 2 Subway sandwiches waiting for us to chow down on before we headed out towards NASA. We'd talked about it with Lora earlier this week, and mentioned it to my parents...and so the plan was born!!

The Space Center was filled with a ton of things to do. A lot of it seemed to be focused on kids...too bad I was wearing a dress, I would have loved to do some of the climbing things in the play areas!!

Wouldn't I make a cute astronaut? HAHA!!

My Mom waited in the line for the trolley tour while Dad, Brett and I watched a pretty cool movie on the space explorations thus far. Really weird to think that there are people that have literally hung from a rope out of a space craft in outer space. And I thought bunjee jumping is scary!!

We took the trolley to Mission Control, walk through the place where a lot of testing happens, and a few other stops.

We got to visit the Saturn V rocket...and that thing went on forever.

After the trolley got us back to the main building, we spent some time playing around with the neat things. Brett and I both found out what we'd weigh on other planets. Mars is definitiely more favorable than Jupiter!!

Brett and I both tried our turn in some rover craft thing, and Mom, Dad and I were blown away by the wind tunnel!

A quick stop at Starbucks was needed before we got on the road towards Sugar Land. Taylor came to meet us for a yummy dinner at Thai Cottage II. Surpringly enough, most of us cleaned our plates!!

It was a nice evening in TX, so after dinner, we took a stroll over near the Town Center. The lights were so pretty near the water fountains.

We found overselves a nice little area to sit a bit, and had some fun just chatting. It was a nice evening hanging out with some of my family. Wish we could do that more often. Guess they'll just have to come to SB next too!! :)

Good, good, times!!!

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